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Ring UI — JetBrains Web UI components

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official JetBrains project

This collection of UI components aims to provide all of the necessary building blocks for web-based products built inside JetBrains, as well as third-party plugins developed for JetBrains' products.

Quick start

  1. Install Yeoman and Ring UI generator: npm install -g yo @jetbrains/generator-ring-ui
  2. Go to the root directory of your project (create one if necessary) and run yo @jetbrains/ring-ui. After you enter the name of the project all the necessary npm dependencies will be installed.
  3. Your project is ready to be developed. The following commands are available:
    • npm start to run a local development server
    • npm test to launch karma tests
    • npm run lint to lint your code
    • npm run build to build a production bundle
    • npm run create-component to create a new component template with styles and tests

Not-so-quick start

In case boilerplate generators are not your thing and you prefer to understand the inner workings a bit better.

  1. Install Ring UI with npm install @jetbrains/ring-ui --save-exact

  2. If you are building your app with webpack, make sure to import ring-ui components where needed. Otherwise, create an entry point (for example, /app/app__components.tpl.js) and import the components there.

    import React from 'react';
    import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
    import LoaderInline from '@jetbrains/ring-ui/components/loader-inline/loader-inline';
    ReactDOM.render(<LoaderInline/>, document.getElementById('container'));
  3. Create webpack.config.js with the following contents (example):

    const ringConfig = require('@jetbrains/ring-ui/webpack.config').config;
    const webpackConfig = {
      entry: 'src/entry.js', // your entry point for webpack
      output: {
        path: 'path/to/dist',
        filename: '[name].js'
      module: {
        rules: [
          <Your rules here>
    module.exports = webpackConfig;