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screenshot For the curious, this is font-mananager

What is this?

This is an attempt by me to make a font that is just a box with the unicode code point inside. These are usually not in a font but rather programmatically generated by programs as they encounter characters that have no associated glyph.


Because I wanted zero width characters in my code to be not zero width. I was trying out vss code (pretty nice imo) and found I should be able to use some CSS magic to make it so that certain characters are displayed by this font. (see also)

Things that need to get fixed

  • It's not very readable when small. Make better tofu template
  • Fontforge python lib is sometimes screwy. Find better library

This is stupid

Yeah probably, but for its very specific use case it's not terribly bad.

Generating a font

Caching should take care of the intensive IO issue, if not then use a ramdisk.

I used python3 for this, it may work in python2. If it does not please feel free to make a pull request to fix it but I am not actively supporting python2.

The syntax for the program is as follows. 0000 FFFD -o 0000 is the start FFFD is the end -o makes it output otf rather than ttf (should make this default, ttf screws up more in fontforge than otf)


MIT, not sure if the font needs a special license. ▯