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  1. 🐧 A list of awesome applications, softwares, tools and other materials for Linux distros.

    Python 4,558 362 Built by @LewisVo @alim0x @0xE8551CCB @Spacebody @bvanhai 917 stars today
  2. 🤖 A Node queue API for generating PDFs using headless Chrome. Comes with a CLI, S3 storage and webhooks for notifying subscribers about generated PDFs

    JavaScript 842 18 Built by @esbenp 758 stars today
  3. Oni: An IDE powered by Neovim

    Vim script 2,179 61 Built by @extr0py @keforbes @bert88sta @freebroccolo @FrigoEU 681 stars today
  4. Headless Chrome Node API

    JavaScript 10,120 226 Built by @aslushnikov @JoelEinbinder @pavelfeldman @ebidel @paulirish 634 stars today
  5. 中国5级行政区域mysql库

    1,388 366 Built by @kakuilan @guotie @zhcj 292 stars today
  6. ⚛️ Fast 3kb React alternative with the same ES6 API. Components & Virtual DOM.

    JavaScript 12,894 566 Built by @developit @robertknight @greenkeeperio-bot @NekR @aimwhy 306 stars today
  7. A friendly (and fast!) UI library from eBay that makes building web apps fun

    JavaScript 4,528 201 Built by @patrick-steele-idem @mlrawlings @austinkelleher @philidem @scttdavs 294 stars today
  8. A mindmap summarising Machine Learning concepts, from Data Analysis to Deep Learning.

    1,447 95 Built by @dformoso 268 stars today
  9. 🐳 Functions as a Service - a serverless framework for Docker & Kubernetes

    Go 4,492 217 Built by @alexellis @vegasbrianc @johnmccabe @aafrey @amirmc 242 stars today
  10. 📚 免费的计算机编程类中文书籍,欢迎投稿

    JavaScript 20,090 8,125 Built by @justjavac @spacewander @hacpai @hoosin @wizardforcel 210 stars today
  11. VasSonic is a lightweight and high-performance Hybrid framework developed by tencent VAS team, which is intended to speed up the first screen of websites working on Android and iOS platform.

    Java 4,665 533 Built by @vasdeveloper @zyvincent @zyprosoft @civerzhu @wwanghee 208 stars today
  12. 💻 a list of applications, alfred workflows and various tools that make my macOS experience even more amazing

    1,165 37 Built by @nikitavoloboev @iamale @eonist @jpsirois 206 stars today
  13. Python Cheat Sheet

    Python 2,031 211 Built by @crazyguitar @FooBarQuaxx @pengyao @Derfirm @bdarksider 201 stars today
  14. Learn regex the easy way

    11,494 953 Built by @zeeshanu @ponsfrilus @wicksome @falaktheoptimist @tibor 184 stars today
  15. 🌊 Pretty, common and useful algorithms with modern JS and beautiful tests

    TypeScript 1,324 53 Built by @jiayihu @Juburin @moeenz 181 stars today
  16. A simple and powerful React framework with minimal API and zero boilerplate.

    JavaScript 762 39 Built by @llh911001 @shenjiayu @deadcoder0904 @chakhsu 172 stars today
  17. 采用自身模块规范编写的前端UI框架,遵循原生HTML/CSS/JS的书写形式,极低门槛,拿来即用。

    JavaScript 6,946 1,985 Built by @sentsin @weianguo @wanzhende @joviqiao @luckxu 152 stars today
  18. Computation using data flow graphs for scalable machine learning

    C++ 67,603 33,200 Built by @tensorflower-gardener @vrv @caisq @benoitsteiner @martinwicke 117 stars today
  19. A collection of various awesome lists for hackers, pentesters and security researchers

    16,778 2,411 Built by @Chan9390 @re-pronin @aleksandar-todorovic @madhuakula @ReadmeCritic 150 stars today
  20. A progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web.

    JavaScript 64,272 9,196 Built by @yyx990803 @defcc @kazupon @javoski @posva 139 stars today
  21. Fast SublimeText-like fuzzy search for JavaScript.

    JavaScript 557 16 Built by @farzher 156 stars today
  22. nivo provides a rich set of dataviz components, built on top of the awesome d3 and Reactjs libraries

    JavaScript 486 12 Built by @plouc 148 stars today
  23. 抓取网易云音乐上所有歌曲的评论数量,并整理数据打造一个前端展示页面

    JavaScript 161 39 Built by @qiangzi7723 132 stars today
  24. Delightful framework for iOS to easily persist structs, images, and data

    Swift 1,123 27 Built by @saoudrizwan 144 stars today
  25. citypicker 高仿iOS 滚轮实现 省市区 城市选择三级联动

    Java 576 168 Built by @crazyandcoder 127 stars today
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