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  1. Git client for ABAP

    ABAP 248 89 Built by @larshp @sbcgua @EduardoCopat @christianguenter2 @christian1020-94
  2. Starting code for a Refactoring Code Kata on the Tennis rules

    ABAP 148 286 Built by @emilybache @evdb @svdo @hsegnitz @alexboly
  3. Generate your professional Excel spreadsheet from ABAP

    ABAP 110 65 Built by @ivanfemia @gregorwolf @fidley @StefanSchmoecker @tmackowski
  4. An ABAP reference examples for common technical tasks

  5. ABAP Logging as painless as any other language

    ABAP 57 14 Built by @epeterson320 @andikade @kbarter @pomalbisser @tporcham
  6. ABAP Object-oriented programming Library

    ABAP 55 29 Built by @rvanmil @avheerde
  7. JSON adapter for ABAP Function Modules.

    ABAP 41 16 Built by @cesar-sap
  8. ABAP 38 12 Built by @moreus
  9. ABAP Code sample

    ABAP 37 15 Built by @mauriciolauffer
  10. Open source checks for SAP Code Inspector / ABAP Test Cockpit

    ABAP 34 11 Built by @larshp
  11. ABAP Regular Expressions Training

  12. SAP ABAP tool for unit testing

    ABAP 19 2 Built by @sbcgua
  13. Example implementation of OO design patterns in ABAP

    ABAP 19 2 Built by @Lesstat
  14. FALV - Fast ALV Grid

    ABAP 19 5 Built by @fidley @ferenci @larshp
  15. Visualize complex object hierarchies using debugger script

    ABAP 19 1 Built by @larshp
  16. Git server implemented in ABAP

    ABAP 18 6 Built by @larshp @gregorwolf @nununo
  17. ABAP Utilities for AES/Rijndael encryption, decryption

    ABAP 17 5 Built by @Sumu-Ning @larshp @jeremycoppey
  18. Z Instant Comprehensive ABAP - Machine Learning Library

    ABAP 13 1 Built by @lucattelli
  19. ABAP Markdown

    ABAP 13 1 Built by @koemaeda
  20. A project to extract model data from a SAP system using FAMIX to import into the Moose Analysis platform

    ABAP 13 1 Built by @RainerWinkler @ewx @larshp
  21. Providing reusable ABAP components

    ABAP 12 2 Built by @HannesRempel
  22. ABAP deployment of SAPUI5 apps from CodeGayHub

    ABAP 12 5 Built by @grahamrobbo @gregorwolf
  23. Medepia ABAP JSON library that can generate and parse any JSON string.

    ABAP 12 3 Built by @fatihpense
  24. Expose ABAP REST services with Swagger spec

    ABAP 12 5 Built by @larshp @npmcdn-to-unpkg-bot @nununo
  25. ABAP 9 2 Built by @wwsheng009
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