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  1. extension system for three.js

    AGS Script 647 112 Built by @jeromeetienne @jeetee @unconed @matthewp @paulirish
  2. Autoexec hack is a copilation of hacks for GoPro Cameras, like a GHDK (GoPro Hack Developer Kit).

    AGS Script 359 319 Built by @KonradIT @Chernowii @sensi277 @TGYK @gultan
  3. Compilation of autoexec scripts and mods for Xiaomi Yi camera

    AGS Script 166 36 Built by @PJanisio @nutsey @buneech
  4. Collection of various improvements for XiaomiYi action camera

    AGS Script 117 84 Built by @funneld
  5. Lighthouse Reverse-Engineered Documentation

    AGS Script 95 18 Built by @nairol @pH5 @DoNck
  6. A WebGL library for streaming 3D point clouds

    AGS Script 64 22 Built by @asalga @aSydiK
  7. Circuit analysis environment for Python

    AGS Script 49 16 Built by @henjo @dreyfert @taimurrabuske @michaelnt @dbit
  8. Stuff for the xiaomi yi 4k camera.

    AGS Script 45 16 Built by @irungentoo
  9. AGS Script 28 6
  10. Cartlife Source code

    AGS Script 27 3 Built by @dubaaron @gondur @ghjki
  11. Neuronal Morphology Analysis Tool

    AGS Script 23 15 Built by @juanchopanza @lidakanari @eleftherioszisis @mgeplf @liesbethvanherpe
  12. OpenPGP Key Server (main development is in

    AGS Script 22 12 Built by @cmars @georgebrock @kisom @ebroder @dustinkirkland
  13. Various GoPro HERO4 Session Scripts and information

    AGS Script 22 6 Built by @hypoxic @KonradIT
  14. Globally orientated citizenship with private passport services using available cryptographic tools

    AGS Script 21 66 Built by @MrChrisJ @m0se @JackScottie @bitcoinsSG
  15. Open tools for side-channel analysis and related techniques. Currently, this repository contains: 1) A near-field EM probe amplifier circuit

    AGS Script 19 2 Built by @emsec @david-oswald
  16. Relay script for KoLmafia, for the web game Kingdom of Loathing. Gives advice on how to play.

    AGS Script 19 3 Built by @Ezandora
  17. Diceware random password generation using the ANU quantum random number server as the randomness source

    AGS Script 19 6 Built by @roryk @grahams
  18. little scripts to introduce people to each other.

    AGS Script 19 3 Built by @chrishwiggins @ChimeraCoder
  19. Libro "El camino a un mejor programador"

    AGS Script 19 2 Built by @emanchado @jcaraballo @ydarias @eamodeorubio @carlosble
  20. Переклад українською Згенерована html книжка тут: http://гпімр.укр/

    AGS Script 18 16 Built by @hedrok @ElviraIzmailova @ikakok @yegor-poliakov @Labinnac
  21. AVR based, arduino-compatible signal generator and frequency analyzer

    AGS Script 18 4 Built by @Arachnid @DrLuke
  22. A project to illustrate how models and data from the Blue Brain Project can be converted to NeuroML and PyNN

    AGS Script 16 14 Built by @pgleeson @wvangeit @JustasB
  23. Tile/Component based font generator

    AGS Script 15 1 Built by @hodefoting
  24. Fyber Labs Flex Modules

    AGS Script 14 13 Built by @cchamilt
  25. Sample code and slides for an SQL Alchemy ORM tutorial

    AGS Script 14 5 Built by @simeonf
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