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  1. A collection of useful additions to @Ableton Live, including better @Git integration.

    Alloy 88 11 Built by @danielbayley @maido @bryant1410
  2. Algorithmic music project for MIDIHACK 2014

    Alloy 33 3 Built by @DavW
  3. The great Ableton experiment

    Alloy 17 5 Built by @mark-henry
  4. mIRC Bot - Battle Arena

    Alloy 15 7 Built by @Iyouboushi @Tiranadel @Pentium320 @AndrioCelos
  5. An example of using the Max for Live JavaScript API to modify MIDI clips.

    Alloy 12 3 Built by @adamjmurray
  6. An advanced automated reasoning tool for memory consistency model specifications.

    Alloy 9 1 Built by @jamesbornholt
  7. Bootstrap template for producing a song with Ableton Live 9

    Alloy 8 2 Built by @gabamnml
  8. Alloy 8 2 Built by @lorin
  9. Automatically exported from

    Alloy 8
  10. An Alloy Analyzer modeling of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency transaction and blockchain. (WIP)

    Alloy 8 4 Built by @Ericson2314 @kepae
  11. TLA+ and Alloy specs of database isolation

    Alloy 7 1 Built by @pron
  12. An Alloy Verification Model for Consensus-Based Auction Protocols

    Alloy 7 2 Built by @SaberMirzaei
  13. Material from SpringSim tutorial on Conceptual Modeling with Alloy

    Alloy 7 1 Built by @rossgore
  14. Code from the book on Alloy "Software Abtractions: Logic, Language, and Analysis"

    Alloy 7 2 Built by @fstakem
  15. Implementation of proofs for graph theory properties and algorithms in alloy.

    Alloy 6 Built by @avanhatt @ajpal @aishamidori
  16. Repositório para o Projeto de da Disciplina de Lógica usando Alloy.

    Alloy 6 Built by @samueltcsantos @BrunoRafael @aparecidoSilvano
  17. CS195Y Final Project. Logic model of Autodesk Maya.

    Alloy 5 Built by @mravella
  18. Projeto de Lógica 2013.2

    Alloy 5 1 Built by @salesfelipe @LeticiaLBarbosa @IsabellyCavalcante @analuizamtg
  19. Alloy 5 Built by @invalid-email-address
  20. Alloy 4 Built by @millerns
  21. A Developer's Kit for Maya

    Alloy 4 1 Built by @ACOKing
  22. Music for Tesla Coils

    Alloy 4 1 Built by @cpmpercussion
  23. Alloy 4 1
  24. Garbage collector models in Alloy

    Alloy 4 Built by @kmcallister
  25. Alloy 4 1 Built by @MarkusWeckesser @t-schnabel @RolandKluge
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