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  1. fast and smart citation reference parsing

    AMPL 145 29 Built by @inukshuk @philgooch @namyra @a-fent @carlosp420
  2. A collection of Dynare models

    AMPL 42 51 Built by @JohannesPfeifer
  3. Astrophysical Multipurpose Software Environment. This is the main repository for AMUSE

    AMPL 41 33 Built by @ipelupessy @arjenve @spzwart @stevemcmillan @rieder
  4. 1.5-3GHz RF down-converter for RTL-SDR

    AMPL 24 2 Built by @raziele
  5. CT-CODE Mario Kart Wii mod

    AMPL 22 10 Built by @Chadderz121 @Wiimm @DimitriPilot3 @kyle95wm @max-m
  6. Repository containing supplementary materials and code for "JuMP: A Modeling Language for Mathematical Optimization"

    AMPL 15 3 Built by @IainNZ @mlubin @joehuchette
  7. Ancient Religions mod for CK2

    AMPL 12 15 Built by @xirsoi @Superpat @JonSeverinsson @rquinio @cybrxkhan
  8. AMPL transcriptions of optimal control problems of space relevance (requires ampl commercial software)

    AMPL 12 1 Built by @darioizzo @cesans
  9. AMPL 10 13 Built by @rwbutler4 @jasonduley
  10. Global optimization test set

    AMPL 9 2 Built by @vitaut
  11. A library for the ABB YuMi robot.

    AMPL 8 Built by @TechnoX
  12. Basic features for eneboo modules

    AMPL 8 13 Built by @Aulla @gestiweb @fusiodarts @klo-manolo @dezetage
  13. NEURON User Interface

    AMPL 8 4 Built by @adrianq @tarelli
  14. AMPL 7 5 Built by @dpo @mpf @syarra
  15. Mod for Europa Universalis IV that adds My Little Pony stuff in Northern America.

    AMPL 7 6 Built by @m00nnsplit @LexRudera @zabuzasword3 @Deusloki @Shiwanabe
  16. Repository for Stellar Expansion and all related addons!

    AMPL 7 2 Built by @KingLemming
  17. Collection of educational mathematical optimisation models written in GNU MathProg

    AMPL 7 3 Built by @ojdo @kais-siala
  18. AMPL 7 8 Built by @rwbutler4 @jasonduley
  19. MDLText

    AMPL 7 1 Built by @renatoms88
  20. Constraint solver based on abstract domains

    AMPL 7 7 Built by @ghilesZ @mpelleau @antoinemine
  21. Parts for LTSpice commonly used by electronics hobbyists (with usage instructions).

    AMPL 6 2 Built by @cellularmitosis
  22. kicad files top directory

    AMPL 6 6 Built by @savenlid
  23. Embeddable Lambda Prolog Interpreter

    AMPL 6 4 Built by @gares @cdunchev @sacerdot @gdufrc @Zimmi48
  24. A collection of mechanised proofs

    AMPL 6 Built by @matijapretnar @andrejbauer
  25. AMPL 6 Built by @marekyggdrasil
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