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  1. Simple starting point website project based upon Initializr

    ApacheConf 44 2,357 Built by @jasongtaylor @awesomejt
  2. Delightfully simple forum software.

    ApacheConf 6,517 721 Built by @tobscure @franzliedke @billmn @luceos @Strobotti
  3. DEPRECATED - A front-end template that helps you build fast, modern mobile web apps.

    ApacheConf 4,033 720 Built by @shichuan @alexgibson @necolas @arthurvr @drublic
  4. πŸ“„ Markdown to PDF converter

    ApacheConf 1,067 110 Built by @alanshaw @anko @TN1ck @tgeens @alexwhitman
  5. A collection of sample Vagrant configurations using Puppet. Starting out simple and getting more complex.

    ApacheConf 789 221 Built by @patrickdlee
  6. πŸ‘¦ A very opinionated, lightweight version of HTML5 Boilerplate with conditionally-loaded polyfills and an opinionated CSS reset for firing up web projects in no time.

    ApacheConf 546 36 Built by @corysimmons @acusti @coliff @lupinskij @roylodder
  7. Angular directive for slick-carousel

    ApacheConf 496 258 Built by @vasyabigi @donatas @donaldparker @sarunas @Keyes
  8. A general workflow checklist for visual designers working within a team setting where they'll be sharing visual exploration and comps with a developer.

    ApacheConf 420 153 Built by @grayghostvisuals @diagramatics @merodriguezblanco @matthewherndon
  9. Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most capable programmer of them all?

    ApacheConf 393 96 Built by @TheAmeoba @ctrlaltdylan
  10. Files for the HTML5 Boilerplate website.

    ApacheConf 393 139 Built by @paulirish @alrra @shichuan @mklabs @marcoscoelho
  11. Above-the-fold CSS generation + inlining using Critical & Gulp

    ApacheConf 390 35 Built by @addyosmani @bezoerb @ahmedelgabri @AAlakkad @robinboehm
  12. Portable container system

    ApacheConf 284 12 Built by @iMilnb @sevan @jusavard
  13. Demo for my blog post at

    ApacheConf 283 73 Built by @mgechev @sojharo
  14. Apache, Nginx, IIS, uWSGI & Varnish blacklist plus Google Analytics segment to prevent referrer spam traffic πŸ‘Ύ

    ApacheConf 280 79 Built by @Stevie-Ray @cstrap @Gamesh @SAH62 @thiagotalma

    ApacheConf 275 54 Built by @micahflee @XhmikosR @mcrmonkey @konklone @antagonismorg
  16. FuelPHP framework

    ApacheConf 263 58 Built by @WanWizard @stevewest @frankdejonge @sagikazarmark @Maxlab
  17. Play + Yeoman integration sbt and play plugins

    ApacheConf 254 60 Built by @milliondreams @Shiti @jlitola @kompot @magro
  18. Web based UI for fleet

    ApacheConf 249 40 Built by @subicura @jaehue @xuwang @invalid-email-address @maccman
  19. Front-end boilerplate for Gulp with everything you need to get started

    ApacheConf 196 49 Built by @ryanbenson @hhff @telephant00 @quakenul @bukinoshita
  20. Twitter interactive visualization

    ApacheConf 195 58 Built by @philogb @kristw @arturdent @caniszczyk @cvrebert
  21. An example M.E.A.N web application with full CRUD features.

    ApacheConf 164 175 Built by @travist
  22. This is my working example of Ansible best practices

    ApacheConf 162 25 Built by @fdavis @htgoebel
  23. 🏑 This is my website. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

    ApacheConf 132 28 Built by @daneden @parkr @raffimaurer @aaronraimist @house
  24. Flarum δΈ­ζ–‡δΌ˜εŒ–η‰ˆ

    ApacheConf 113 31 Built by @skywalker512
  25. AcceCSS A Sass Mixin That debug & check the accessibility of your designs

    ApacheConf 111 6 Built by @LukyVj @HugoGiraudel @Haroenv @dervondenbergen @sturobson
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