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  1. Apex Wrapper for the Salesforce Metadata API

    Apex 288 342 Built by @afawcett @wes1278 @DouglasCAyers @mintotsai @Pokharna
  2. Declarative Rollup Summaries for Lookups

    Apex 229 101 Built by @afawcett @jondavis9898 @lukeadair @cwarden @dhoechst
  3. A minimal trigger framework for your Salesforce Apex Triggers

    Apex 192 103 Built by @kevinohara80
  4. Common Apex Library supporting Apex Enterprise Patterns and much more!

    Apex 191 120 Built by @afawcett @daveerickson @jondavis9898 @adtennant @ImJohnMDaniel
  5. Salesforce test data generator fills lookups, master-detail relationships, and required fields. Native Apex code using dynamic metadata.

    Apex 186 96 Built by @mbotos @fractastical @thysmichels @tsadigov @dschach
  6. Lightweight Project and Task Management for #forcedotcom

    Apex 178 460 Built by @ReidCarlberg @srenberg @axlea-kevin @persistentSFteam @kamatvs
  7. The current version of the Nonprofit Success Pack

    Apex 174 169 Built by @mrbelvedere @davidhabib @njjc @ceiroa @jlantz
  8. A Salesforce/ library for communicating with the Twilio REST API and generating TwiML. Need help? Post your questions to or email us at

    Apex 127 98 Built by @spaceman1066 @raghusagar @brettgerry @skimbrel @TMcManus
  9. Sortable, filterable, editable, customizable Visualforce table grid component with native Look and Feel. Works standalone and as replacement for Standard Related List.

    Apex 100 58 Built by @up2go-rsoesemann @rsoesemann @DavidRenz @Inakihu @licentious
  10. Apex 96 53 Built by @afawcett @koenwesselman @roc-wilcox @scolladon @frontendloader
  11. ApexMocks Framework

    Apex 86 43 Built by @daveerickson @afawcett @phardakerffdc @frup42 @mattwoodffdc
  12. Apex utility classes that makes it easy to write trigger that rollup on LOOKUP parent child relationships.

    Apex 85 59 Built by @abhinavguptas @aheber
  13. Apex 77 60 Built by @msrivastav13 @shoaibshakeel381
  14. jQuery-based quick entry screen that works with any object. Highly configurable and flexible.

    Apex 75 24 Built by @kbromer @abeyer
  15. Apex wrapper for the Salesforce Tooling API

    Apex 73 58 Built by @afawcett @dancinllama @scolladon @chiragmehta84 @FishOfPrey
  16. Salesforce testing automation runs all tests and emails your team. Native Apex code delivers lightweight Salesforce continuous integration.

    Apex 72 30 Built by @mbotos
  17. Dreamforce 2012 Session - Applying Enterprise Application Design Patterns on

    Apex 69 39 Built by @afawcett @mattolde
  18. SObject factory that can be used in unit tests to create test data.

    Apex 67 25 Built by @dhoechst @noeticpenguin @nzchicken
  19. A flexible typeahead component for use on Visualforce pages. Uses the typeahead.js library from Twitter.

    Apex 66 35 Built by @groundwired @ceiroa
  20. Cinnamon is a app that enables you to build and run Selenium tests to validate custom UI pages with Visualforce/Javascript in your Salesforce org.

    Apex 62 18 Built by @ryojiosawa @nadeemg @yudiatsfdc @jheritagesf @ryanlamore
  21. A collection of useful helper classes for Salesforce and

    Apex 58 13 Built by @kevinohara80 @clintslee
  22. JavaScript library to simplify CRUD DML operations with JavaScript Remoting on the platform.

    Apex 56 11 Built by @TehNrd @jsullivanlive
  23. A repository of metadata templates for use in MavensMate projects

    Apex 53 111 Built by @joeferraro @jpmonette @micfai @adtennant @nevrekaramey
  24. Native Apex Zip library for

    Apex 49 17 Built by @pdalcol @PlinyASmith
  25. Samples application illustrating the Apex Enterprise Patterns library

    Apex 46 28 Built by @afawcett @loganm @Mthobisi
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