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  1. The CloudApp API

    API Blueprint 143 40 Built by @lmarburger @bluefirex @ramaboo @fjaeger @MasterJ15
  2. Unofficial documentation of the Xcode Server API (Xcode 7 edition)

    API Blueprint 65 4 Built by @czechboy0 @esttorhe
  3. API documentation for The Grid

    API Blueprint 41 12 Built by @bergie @jonnor @automata @cbchouinard @forresto
  4. Minimalistic boilerplate to quick-start API specification using API Blueprint description language.

    API Blueprint 35 7 Built by @jsynowiec @svemir
  5. GoodData API documentation

    API Blueprint 28 43 Built by @schmeedy @pgressa @Lavoaster @sadam21 @dkatona
  6. Standardize the way services and applications expose their status in a distributed application

    API Blueprint 27 1 Built by @HootAdam
  7. Apiary IPFS HTTP API description

    API Blueprint 27 13 Built by @RichardLitt @diasdavid @jbenet @se3000 @dignifiedquire
  8. REST-API Blueprint for all things user accounts and sesions

    API Blueprint 25 14 Built by @gr2m @patriciagarcia @barretodaniel @LowProfileDog @Taekyoon
  9. API documentation for Fakturoid

    API Blueprint 23 5 Built by @daeltar @edariedl @ollie @MartinRumanek @davidbily
  10. Gulp tasks for writing large API Blueprints efficiently

    API Blueprint 22 4 Built by @saamo @dydek @arturmuller
  11. Main RESTful API for ascribe ownership web service.

    API Blueprint 20 13 Built by @sbellem @diminator @ascribe0 @r-marques @TimDaub
  12. Identity Manager - Keyrock

    API Blueprint 20 22 Built by @garcianavalon @aalonsog @federicofdez @sorube13 @pmverdugo
  13. MeteoGroup's public weather API documentation

    API Blueprint 17 7 Built by @nitram509 @oskorokhoda @vitalibo @Shynkliar @bogdandmt
  14. πŸ€– API documentation for Kitsu

    API Blueprint 14 6 Built by @wopian @JasonLighthunter @synthtech
  15. A complete workflow for converting API Blueprint to hosted documentation on S3

    API Blueprint 13 2 Built by @philipbrown
  16. Community documentation for the Plant Breeding group

    API Blueprint 12 2 Built by @lukasmueller @rhernandezt @Dave-Matthews @goodforenergy @nickmorales
  17. NexentaEdge DevOps Edition is a purpose built and packaged software stack for providing a scale-out infrastructure for containerized applications. It is designed to make it easy to integrate an enterprise class storage system with existing networking and compute services into a single solution

    API Blueprint 11 5 Built by @dyusupov @autosupport @aosher @nacharya @rajeshbha
  18. RainMachine RESTful API (version 4)

    API Blueprint 9 9 Built by @nicupavel @mbdroid @ddnewell
  19. Docs for the public PH API

    API Blueprint 8 9 Built by @pete001 @pksunkara @webmasterjunkie @vertexbz @reed2903
  20. πŸš‹ Documentation of the RNV (Rhein-Neckar Verkehr) api

    API Blueprint 8 2 Built by @silsha @gitter-badger
  21. API Blueprint 8 2 Built by @VitekJezek @vytick @radekbernatek @zbycz @KuceraMartin
  22. API documentation for HiTask

    API Blueprint 8 3 Built by @romanr @skyfrog @apozdeyev
  23. OMI API Specification

    API Blueprint 7 1
  24. 🚍 RESTful API documentation for De Lijn

    API Blueprint 7 7 Built by @MichielDeMey
  25. Zonky API

    API Blueprint 7 3 Built by @zonkybot @petrvlcek @DominikMostek @MartinNuc
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