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  1. High-performance, Reliable, and Parallel APL

    APL 226 14 Built by @arcfide @jayfoad @awl41 @gavwhela @tcdowney
  2. APL is the greatest language ever

    APL 21 1 Built by @vendethiel @rightfold
  3. High-end Cryptographic Library

    APL 17 16 Built by @arcfide @Tikhon03 @masinister @6x10tothe23rd @nmeagan11
  4. A simple "columnar database" based on memory-mapped files, written in APL

    APL 15 3 Built by @mkromberg @e9gille @lstefano71
  5. Naive Bayesian Classifier written in APL

    APL 14 5 Built by @mattcunningham
  6. A simple APL neural network.

    APL 11 4 Built by @flouc001 @e9gille
  7. Game Audio Player

    APL 10 5 Built by @ValeryAnisimovsky
  8. Book and code: how to build and distribute applications in Dyalog APL

    APL 9 3 Built by @aplteam @5jt @KurtWander @mkromberg
  9. Simple Neural Network Examples in 8 lines APL

  10. APL function editor written in APL

    APL 7 1 Built by @blakemcbride
  11. Brian Becker's Amazing Amalgam of APL

    APL 6 Built by @bpbecker @JasonDyalog
  12. APL package manager plus workbench environment (apropos, defs/uses, namespace management, etc.)

    APL 6 Built by @TieDyedDevil
  13. An Image Dictionary for Co-dfns

    APL 5 1 Built by @arcfide
  14. A project for golfing every Project Euler problem.

    APL 5 3 Built by @Qwerp-Derp @kckennylau @Mr-Xcoder @officialaimm @Mego
  15. APL 4 Built by @e9gille
  16. APLUnit - a library to facilitate Unit Testing and Test Driven Development of code written in Dyalog APL, developed together with Morten Kromberg (CTO Dyalog Ltd)

    APL 4 2 Built by @Gianfrancoalongi @arcfide
  17. Contains additional Workspaces and Files.

    APL 3 Built by @plj541
  18. A 2D tile based dungeon generator written in APL

    APL 3 Built by @nholland94
  19. APL utilities for business applications

    APL 3 Built by @blakemcbride
  20. Solutions to the Advent of Code 20seventeen (Spoilers!)

    APL 3 Built by @shawa
  21. Utility functions to get images in and out of (GNU) APL

    APL 3 1 Built by @alexcweiner
  22. ANNSER is A Neural Network Simulator for Education and Research.

    APL 3 Built by @romilly @mkromberg
  23. Granular APL Project manager. For easy management of source code in external files.

    APL 2 Built by @e9gille
  24. Deepak Chopra nonsense phrase generator implementation in APL. *Lol*.

    APL 2 Built by @StoneCypher
  25. Collection of MiSites for use with MiServer

    APL 2 Built by @bpbecker @abrudz @mkromberg
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