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  1. Terminal window manager for OS X

    AppleScript 1,252 33 Built by @apaszke @ezig @gillesdemey @mingzeke
  2. Custom iTerm Applescripts for Alfred

    AppleScript 946 121 Built by @stuartcryan @vitorgalvao @anonfunc
  3. Workflows for Alfred 2

    AppleScript 476 61 Built by @franzheidl @lborgav @sorbits @w0ng @MarchLiu
  4. Change the system font of Mac OS X Yosemite.

    AppleScript 363 21 Built by @dtinth
  5. Control Spotify through the OS X Terminal

    AppleScript 346 42 Built by @dronir @chiayolin @mahi97 @stevelacey @ticktricktrack
  6. Batch-creates screenshots for all iOS devices in every language you define, ready for immediate upload in iTunes Connect. Uses and integrates with UIAutomation from Apple. Also great for unit testing.

    AppleScript 256 26 Built by @KrauseFx @muratsevim @onato
  7. Make Jenkins behave like a Mac application to make it easier to manage.

    AppleScript 245 18 Built by @stisti @pajp
  8. Templates Applescript for OmniFocus.

    AppleScript 234 39 Built by @lemonmade @FradSer @KarstenSchulz @jafish @Zettt
  9. an applescript and alfred extension to manage window layouts

    AppleScript 233 27 Built by @jgallen23
  10. Various scripts for working with nested text outlines

    AppleScript 223 91 Built by @RobTrew @jessegrosjean @marcopessoa @GreyBurkart @lickel
  11. Scripts for OmniFocus

    AppleScript 218 19 Built by @brandonpittman @damoclark
  12. iMessage adapter for Hubot

    AppleScript 164 33 Built by @lazerwalker @rgov
  13. Scripts for LaunchBar, Alfred, Keyboard Maestro and more.

    AppleScript 155 22 Built by @Zettt
  14. Open iTerm2 from the Finder

    AppleScript 145 12 Built by @peterldowns
  15. AppleScript to programatically create Apple IDs

    AppleScript 142 121 Built by @aaronfreimark @pwldp @tyreun @brousalis
  16. Safari extension that opens the current page in Chrome.

    AppleScript 140 23 Built by @lhagan
  17. ADPassmon is no longer maintained, please use

    AppleScript 133 32 Built by @pmbuko @macmule @Avatharian
  18. Helpful scripts, commands, and services that make the Marked app for OSX more useful

    AppleScript 131 17 Built by @kotfu @ttscoff @homebysix
  19. Import a folder hierarchy as albums into OS X Photos.

    AppleScript 131 27 Built by @codez @alessandro-gentilini @derekedelaney @mackworth @skisulli
  20. A collection of the AppleScripts I use to extend OmniFocus.

    AppleScript 124 30 Built by @joebuhlig @coryjthompson @jaylyerly @halbtuerke @rebeccamorgan
  21. (OS X only) Open the current finder window in Sublime Text 2 with a button click

    AppleScript 110 15 Built by @pjv @jshaw @iveney
  22. EvernoteでmarkdownとHTMLの相互変換ができるAppleScriptです

    AppleScript 103 29 Built by @sandai
  23. OS X Folder Action for SVGO

    AppleScript 99 13 Built by @deepsweet @superpixel @prdolmos @scottmessinger
  24. Scripts for use with OmniFocus

    AppleScript 98 22 Built by @dbyler @treyharris
  25. An AppleScript to backup Evernote data

    AppleScript 95 21 Built by @jamietr1
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