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  1. An interaction design toolbox

    Arduino 1,945 469 Built by @drewhamlin @arbales @trive @aaronraimist @heyadam
  2. USBdriveby exploits the trust of USB devices by emulating an HID keyboard and mouse, installing a firewall-evading backdoor, and rerouting DNS within seconds of plugging it in

    Arduino 885 247 Built by @samyk @FFY00 @vavkamil
  3. Arduino WebServer library

    Arduino 692 253 Built by @unwiredben @tfnab @sirleech @ribbons @Raidok
  4. Easy MultiSensor device based on ESP8266

    Arduino 595 409 Built by @mvdbro @psy0rz @jkDesignDE @krikk @beicnet
  5. Provide ESP8266 based itead Sonoff with Web, MQTT and OTA firmware using Arduino IDE - Now EOL

    Arduino 524 167 Built by @arendst @vondraussen
  6. Automatically exported from

    Arduino 376 50 Built by @yamaguchi-am @hiroyuki-komatsu @GoogleCodeExporter @rt-net
  7. Arduino sketches for MPU9250 9DoF with AHRS sensor fusion

    Arduino 323 182 Built by @kriswiner @MikeFair @alexozer @eric-wieser
  8. Open Home Automation with Home Assistant and MQTT

    Arduino 316 74 Built by @mertenats
  9. Payload for teensy like a rubber ducky but the syntax is different. this Human interfaes device ( HID attacks ). Penetration With Teensy . Brutal is a toolkit to quickly create various payload,powershell attack , virus attack and launch listener for a Human Interface Device ( Payload Teensy )

    Arduino 296 106 Built by @Screetsec
  10. AHRS Firmware for the SparkFun 9DOF Razor IMU and SparkFun 9DOF Sensor Stick

    Arduino 285 195 Built by @ptrbrtz @jewang @mgeier
  11. Firmware for ESP8266 based itead Sonoff switches for use with HomeAssistant

    Arduino 264 66 Built by @KmanOz @astoutkenwood @Chariyski @steve-lyons
  12. Internet radio based on Esp8266 and VS1053.

    Arduino 259 65 Built by @Edzelf
  13. Software for "Guide to gyro and accelerometer with Arduino including Kalman filtering"

    Arduino 257 212 Built by @Lauszus
  14. Implementation of a SUMP compatible logic analyzer for the Arduino

    Arduino 247 41 Built by @gillham @scottp @f0086 @dhiltonp
  15. Arduino Plays Timberman

    Arduino 246 50 Built by @vheun
  16. Publicly-released sketches for the Arduino microprocessor

    Arduino 245 144 Built by @nickgammon @NicoHood @matthijskooijman @SmartBlug
  17. 6 axis stepper motor robot and control software - Gen2

    Arduino 243 58 Built by @Chris-Annin
  18. Anonymize and fracture network traffic/Internet access over a point-to-point wireless link or through TCP->GSM->wifi tunnel (advanced resurrection of ProxyHam)

    Arduino 243 70 Built by @samyk
  19. Basic MPU-6050 Arduino sketch of sensor function

    Arduino 242 76 Built by @kriswiner @redglasses
  20. ESP8266 based 802.11 beacon generator

    Arduino 229 63 Built by @kripthor
  21. nRF24L01 multi-protocol RC transmitter

    Arduino 228 98 Built by @goebish @bikemike @bpod @1f604 @gorbach
  22. Second iteration of the DIY cellphone (based on the Arduino GSM shield).

    Arduino 223 66 Built by @damellis
  23. WiFi HID Injector - An USB Rubberducky / BadUSB On Steroids.

    Arduino 216 37 Built by @whid-injector @seamiest
  24. MQTT gateway for ESP8266 or Arduino with bidirectional 433mhz/315mhz/868mhz & Infrared communications & beacons detection. Previously 433toMQTTto433

    Arduino 215 56 Built by @1technophile @HannesDi @crankyoldgit @rickybrent @Landrash
  25. Programmable thermostat firmware and arduino based uploader for the STC-1000 thermostat

    Arduino 192 35 Built by @matsstaff @kevinvanderlugt @seanmcveigh @sotrajohnny
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