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  1. Original Apollo 11 Guidance Computer (AGC) source code for the command and lunar modules.

    Assembly 24,766 3,417 Built by @chrislgarry @wopian @proudindiv @oldmud0 @cheapwebmonkey
  2. A running-jumping-swordfighting game I made on the Apple II from 1985-89

    Assembly 4,346 484 Built by @jmechner @textfiles @sethwoodworth @sethbuzz @justinclift
  3. Fast, Distributed Graph DB

    Assembly 3,627 186 Built by @manishrjain @ashwin95r @pawanrawal @jchiu0 @janardhan1993
  4. Posters, drawings...

    Assembly 3,177 254 Built by @angea @doegox
  5. An encrypted IPv6 network using public-key cryptography for address allocation and a distributed hash table for routing.

    Assembly 2,995 446 Built by @cjdelisle @Arceliar @lgierth @kpcyrd @Shnatsel
  6. Continuous Unix commit history from 1970 until today

    Assembly 2,401 185 Built by @ken @dspinellis
  7. Hello world in every computer language. Thanks to everyone who contributes to this, make sure to see for contribution instructions!

    Assembly 1,994 684 Built by @leachim6 @dcondrey @bcnjr5 @thatHexa @joshua
  8. BareMetal is a 64-bit OS for x86-64 based computers. The OS is written entirely in Assembly while applications can be written in Assembly, C/C++, and Rust.

    Assembly 1,696 301 Built by @IanSeyler @bendyer @vilhelmgray @akasei @ohnx
  9. Compiler infrastructure and toolchain library for WebAssembly, in C++

    Assembly 1,572 143 Built by @kripken @jfbastien @dschuff @sunfishcode @juj
  10. Web server for Linux written in amd64 assembly.

    Assembly 1,511 99 Built by @nemasu @triforce @TheFox @xairy @Cir0X
  11. Raspberry Pi ARM based bare metal examples

    Assembly 1,458 295 Built by @dwelch67 @Rostere @Merwan19
  12. disassembly of Pokémon Red/Blue

    Assembly 1,261 203 Built by @kanzure @dannye @iimarckus @yenatch @huderlem
  13. CPU miner for Litecoin and Bitcoin

    Assembly 1,113 440 Built by @pooler @ArtForz @fleger @chrissicool @clbr
  14. OS for z80 calculators

    Assembly 923 187 Built by @SirCmpwn @matrefeytontias @thirtythreeforty @SijmenSchoon @unlimitedbacon
  15. disassembly of Pokémon Crystal

    Assembly 877 167 Built by @yenatch @kanzure @PikalaxALT @iimarckus @Sanqui
  16. A tiny bootable Minecraft clone written partly in x86 assembly

    Assembly 779 55 Built by @Overv @danielverkamp @rikusalminen
  17. Floppy Bird (OS)

    Assembly 691 41 Built by @icebreaker
  18. Architectural privilege escalation on x86

    Assembly 633 74 Built by @xoreaxeaxeax
  19. Learning assembly for linux-x64

    Assembly 630 87 Built by @0xAX @lushl9301 @e12e @knoxknox @JRMcCoy
  20. Tetris that fits into the boot sector.

    Assembly 623 29 Built by @daniel-e @Ivoah
  21. Safe, fast, small crypto using Rust

    Assembly 576 109 Built by @briansmith @davidben @agl @SAHF @dvorak42
  22. Minimal arithmetic calculator in x86 assembly

    Assembly 541 26 Built by @flouthoc @adrenalynn @shlomif @Aaron1011 @drasive
  23. BLHeli for brushless ESC firmware

    Assembly 488 337 Built by @sskaug @4712 @Nick-HZ @adamhope @fishpepper
  24. tgy -- Open Source Firmware for ATmega-based Brushless ESCs

    Assembly 476 328 Built by @sim- @saper @ahalekelly @esden @sparky-p32
  25. Virtual Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) software

    Assembly 471 113 Built by @rburkey2005 @thewonderidiot @jimlawton @7ofNine @brf1
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