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  1. ATS2: Unleashing the Potentials of Types and Templates

    ATS 155 35 Built by @githwxi @bbarker @master-q @wdblair @zenhack
  2. Examples from Introduction to Programming in ATS

    ATS 20 Built by @chrisdone
  3. ATS 19 Built by @deech
  4. ATS 14 2 Built by @deech @btbytes
  5. generate ATS interface from C code

    ATS 10 Built by @master-q
  6. This repository is primarily for testing ATS2 on various platforms

    ATS 5 4 Built by @githwxi @bbarker @cosmo0920
  7. ATS2: Unleashing the Potentials of Types and Templates

    ATS 4 35 Built by @githwxi @bbarker @master-q @steinwaywhw @wdblair
  8. A parsing combinator library.

    ATS 4 Built by @steinwaywhw
  9. ATS2 proofs of concept stuff

    ATS 3 Built by @ashalkhakov
  10. Headers to define alternative program entry points.

    ATS 3 Built by @shlevy
  11. Another implementation of ATS

    ATS 3 35 Built by @githwxi @wdblair @bbarker @zenhack @ashalkhakov
  12. Small programs testing out features of the ATS (Postiatis) programming language.

    ATS 3 Built by @August-Alm
  13. My own utilities for ATS

    ATS 2 Built by @steinwaywhw
  14. Embedded drivers for RX series. Created by ATS language.

    ATS 2 Built by @fujiik102
  15. For using npm to manage additional ATS-Postiats packages

    ATS 2 Built by @githwxi
  16. A controller prototype for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in ATS.

    ATS 2 1 Built by @wdblair
  17. 3D vector algebra library for ATS

    ATS 2 Built by @ashalkhakov
  18. Design files for Goliath: A Tiny Drone Powered by the Intel Edison

    ATS 1 Built by @wdblair
  19. Demo programs for NEPLS 15

    ATS 1 Built by @steinwaywhw
  20. The code for the specific endpoints blog post

    ATS 1 1 Built by @sestrella
  21. ATS 1 Built by @KeenS
  22. Some simple examples for learning ATS.

    ATS 1 1 Built by @bbarker
  23. Automate ATS projects like never before!

    ATS 1 Built by @RyanTKing
  24. Functions and views for safe handling of UNIX file descriptors.

    ATS 1 Built by @shlevy
  25. ATS bindings for libdill

    ATS 1 Built by @kelharake
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