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  1. Tiling Window Manager for Windows

    AutoHotkey 902 65 Built by @joten @fuhsjr00 @x29a @louy2 @ctjhoa
  2. An application that enhances the Windows 10 multiple desktops feature by adding additional keyboard shortcuts and support for multiple wallpapers.

    AutoHotkey 627 18 Built by @sdias @GioBonvi @Perlence @mlabaj
  3. windows快捷键工具(屏幕边缘操作, 剪贴板增强). Autohotkey tool (screen border operation, clipboard manager).

    AutoHotkey 353 50 Built by @XUJINKAI
  4. Price checking script for Path of Exile.

    AutoHotkey 300 70 Built by @Eruyome @aRTy42 @Bahnzo @XiMMiX @Slinkston
  5. Automation Utility - Recorder & Script Generator

    AutoHotkey 249 40 Built by @Pulover @invalid-email-address @thiagotalma @skillsa2 @amnesiac10
  6. Text replacement/substitution application written in AutoHotkey scripting language.

    AutoHotkey 240 68 Built by @adampash
  7. Automated file manager

    AutoHotkey 231 66 Built by @mshorts @imaginationac @adampash @sjz
  8. RunZ,专业的快速启动工具

    AutoHotkey 200 41 Built by @goreliu @Yinr @funtion
  9. AutoHotkey 199 53 Built by @TaranVH @VarunJhajharia @McAJBen @joshaber @jossef
  10. 📋 Clipboard Manager for Windows, built in AutoHotkey

    AutoHotkey 176 24 Built by @aviaryan @hoppfrosch @waffle-iron
  11. mDesktop is a lightweight application that allows the user to utilize multiple virtual desktops.

    AutoHotkey 162 32 Built by @octalmage
  12. GridMove is a program that aims at making windows management easier. It helps you with this task by defining a visual grid on your desktop, to which you can easily snap windows.

    AutoHotkey 156 32 Built by @jgpaiva @nojvek
  13. Enhancements on original WindowPad (by Lexikos)

    AutoHotkey 145 21 Built by @hoppfrosch @artemisart @denolfe @jeremejevs
  14. Official AutoHotkey script compiler - written itself in AutoHotkey

    AutoHotkey 130 37 Built by @fincs @joedf @aviaryan @Lexikos
  15. "Quake"-like console for Windows using cygwin/mintty. This AutoHotkey script creates a system-wide hotkey for accessing the terminal, much like Visor/TotalTerminal on OS X.

    AutoHotkey 129 24 Built by @lonepie @marcharding @ralesi @MatthewCox
  16. SciTE distribution for AutoHotkey

    AutoHotkey 114 31 Built by @fincs @Uberi @Lakrits @hjhj3686 @ih57452
  17. Automated file manager

    AutoHotkey 114 66 Built by @mshorts @adampash
  18. Item Info Script for Path of Exile

    AutoHotkey 111 70 Built by @aRTy42 @Bahnzo @XiMMiX @Eruyome @Slinkston
  19. AutoHotkey Mappings to emulate OSX behaviour with a Mac keyboard on Windows

    AutoHotkey 109 54 Built by @stroebjo @intiocean
  20. An AutoHotKey script for Windows that lets a user change virtual desktops by pressing CapsLock + <num>.

    AutoHotkey 106 30 Built by @pmb6tz @Perlence
  21. 让所有 Windows 桌面程序拥有 Vim 操作风格的辅助工具

    AutoHotkey 100 22 Built by @goreliu @wideweide @victorwoo @bwming @NothingIsBig
  22. My collection of autohotkey scripts. Some scripts are written by me, some are modified by me, some are completely created by others.

    AutoHotkey 99 52 Built by @Drugoy
  23. Easiest Shadowsocks Windows client

    AutoHotkey 91 33 Built by @dallascao
  24. The keyboard developed by Ben Woodman, to make programmers lives easier. This was all made as a project for my 8th grade class.

    AutoHotkey 85 8 Built by @babin101 @chrisbaldauf @h3xx @doubleo2 @ZeroBalloons
  25. Created with AHK Studio

    AutoHotkey 83 23 Built by @maestrith
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