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  1. Python best practices guidebook, written for Humans.

    Batchfile 12,122 3,877 Built by @kennethreitz @sigmavirus24 @kuyan @rgbkrk @rshipp 10 stars today
  2. Microsoft Office Add-ins Documentation

    Batchfile 252 199 Built by @Lauragra @sumurthy @jasonjoh @siewmoi @MIchaelMainer
  3. Documentation for the Microsoft Graph REST API

    Batchfile 152 252 Built by @Lauragra @PatAltimore @angelgolfer-ms @JimacoMS2 @sumurthy
  4. Batchfile 71 19 Built by @ivanstamenic @faniereynders @Sekku @ArturKarbone @ErikSchierboom
  5. Revoke China certificates.

    Batchfile 2,532 391 Built by @chengr28 @phoeagon @ntkme @lhyqy5 @weakish
  6. Install archlinux as the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) host.

    Batchfile 1,304 71 Built by @turbo @fizyk20 @jsmcconn @KyleOndy @toXel
  7. Tron

    Batchfile 1,210 112 Built by @vocatus @nemchik @Kezxo @conformist-mw @staticextasy
  8. Mintty as a terminal for Bash on Ubuntu on Windows / WSL

    Batchfile 571 14 Built by @jmlucjav @mintty
  9. Simple Node Version Manager for Windows

    Batchfile 569 190 Built by @hakobera @fengmk2 @coreybutler @shootaroo @koichik
  10. Stop Windows 10 Nagging and Spying. Works with Win7-10

    Batchfile 558 92 Built by @WindowsLies
  11. Batchfile 471 155 Built by @vowstar @Orgmar @kb1sph @djchou @vagovszky
  12. 一步到位反编译apk工具(onekey decompile apk)

    Batchfile 414 135 Built by @ufologist
  13. A development kit for NodeMCU firmware

    Batchfile 368 140 Built by @vowstar @MacDada @dylancaponi @nafep
  14. Python最佳实践指南

    Batchfile 362 104 Built by @Prodesire @icyfanfan @yiyuezhuo @hexiekai @mynameiselvis
  15. A way to run the LESS.js compiler in windows

    Batchfile 352 94 Built by @duncansmart @adamjgrant @Gutek @rekka @eduardp
  16. Vim Win32 Installer

    Batchfile 296 44 Built by @chrisbra @k-takata @Inkering
  17. Development content accidentally shipped on a certain early DOS CD-ROM game from 1993

    Batchfile 278 24 Built by @Fortyseven @niklasberglund
  18. Port of Doug Hellmann's virtualenvwrapper to Windows batch scripts

    Batchfile 268 67 Built by @davidmarble @utek @thebjorn @twigs @tobiasherp
  19. Advanced Sysmon configuration, Installer & Auto Updater with high-quality event tracing

    Batchfile 211 146 Built by @ion-storm @SwiftOnSecurity @Darkbat91 @dweee @rmanly
  20. The Multi-Platform Pokemon-Go farming bot on a whole new human level

    Batchfile 188 77 Built by @Nader-Sl
  21. Decompiled Unity Assets & Images from Pokemon GO Version 0.31.0 (Updated)

    Batchfile 161 46 Built by @Superviral
  22. batch script utils and examples by npocmaka -

    Batchfile 155 126 Built by @npocmaka @leuchte
  23. Packer qemu templates

    Batchfile 154 101 Built by @jakobadam @scottpas @dschaper @dragoscirjan @philippt
  24. Main body of the script

    Batchfile 147 80 Built by @raziel23x @georgiecasey @WedyDQ10 @alkhafaf @clmowers
  25. Image Catalyst - optimization / compression images PNG, JPEG and GIF lossless

    Batchfile 133 11 Built by @lorents17 @samdark @res2001
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