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  1. Classp -- a classier way to parse

    Bison 164 12 Built by @david-gudeman @piperchester @tushar-dadlani
  2. LALR grammar and parser for Rust using flex and bison

    Bison 25 9 Built by @bleibig @ptgreen @cmr @Arcnor
  3. A PHP5 extension that augments the syntax of the language such that XML document fragments become valid PHP expressions.

    Bison 19 8 Built by @laverdet @Swahvay @scottmac @fredemmott @Daniel15
  4. Ruby implementation for the blog post series

    Bison 17 2 Built by @halogenandtoast @gitter-badger
  5. golang version of SQL parser, substential copy-and-past from the book <flex & bison>

    Bison 15 7 Built by @invalid-email-address @soforth
  6. Haskell parser and manipulation functions for Fortran code

    Bison 13 8 Built by @dorchard @Shimuuar @dagit @acr31
  7. A very simple example of how to use Alex and Happy to build a language processor in Haskell.

    Bison 5 1 Built by @vdudouyt
  8. cut the log by datetime quickly

    Bison 4 Built by @yasuoka
  9. kmyacc based parser in PHP

    Bison 3 2 Built by @nicolas-grekas
  10. Language C to Intel 8088.

    Bison 3 Built by @marlonchalegre
  11. The littlest interpreter for the littlest language

    Bison 2 1 Built by @lkuper
  12. prototype of stream based programming language

    Bison 2 233 Built by @matz @dbohdan @proppy @chancancode @suzukaze
  13. Ejemplo Verificación de Tipos

    Bison 2 Built by @alvarohz
  14. An easy music score translator

    Bison 2 1 Built by @linusyang
  15. Repository for subset c compiler written in Lex and Yacc as part Language Processors course at NITW

    Bison 2 3 Built by @kranthikiran01
  16. Calculator with Variables

    Bison 2 Built by @FMCalisto
  17. The Prim programming language, based on the set of Primitive Recursive functions

    Bison 2 Built by @jcolag
  18. Design a new Toy Programming Language

    Bison 2 1 Built by @tankle
  19. TAP (Test Anything Protocol) parser written using YACC and Lex

    Bison 2 1 Built by @ligurio
  20. a C language like compiler using the tools Flex & Bison

    Bison 2 Built by @kumarsiddharth
  21. Bison 1 Built by @bsdoliv @reyk
  22. a MIPS subset assembler

    Bison 1 Built by @hchunhui
  23. The language for foggy sundays (project for the course Formal Languages and Compilers)

    Bison 1 Built by @leonixyz
  24. Ma Ho Moltafame

    Bison 1 Built by @AlessandroBregoli @Deserere @pbrenna
  25. Programming Language Technology project

    Bison 1 Built by @loumiakas
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