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  1. BitBake 61 171 Built by @shr-project @schnitzeltony @koenkooi @kraj @derekstraka
  2. meta-resin is a collection of Yocto layers used to build resinOS images

    BitBake 476 30 Built by @agherzan @telphan @floion @lifeeth @willnewton
  3. ROS Layer for OpenEmbedded Linux

    BitBake 109 95 Built by @bulwahn @KristofRobot @herbrechtsmeier @rojkov @vmayoral
  4. OpenEmbedded/Yocto BSP layer for Freescale's ARM platforms

    BitBake 107 121 Built by @otavio @angolini @aalonso @b40290 @dv1
  5. QT5 layer for openembedded

    BitBake 88 154 Built by @shr-project @net147 @otavio @schnitzeltony @kraj
  6. Fullscreen WebKit browser with hardware accelerated CSS, WebGL, and HTML5 video on the RaspberryPi 3.

    BitBake 73 12 Built by @petrosagg
  7. Yocto layer to support Intel Aero platform

    BitBake 60 48 Built by @lucasdemarchi @zehortigoza @bansalma @anselmolsm @pranavatintel
  8. Meta-layer for Poky to build embedded Linux exvironments by Debian's source codes

    BitBake 43 35 Built by @dothanhtrung @hieunv-tsdv @zuka0828 @nghiaht-tsdv @lemonade
  9. Yocto meta-layer for some custom RPi images

    BitBake 42 37 Built by @scottellis @ctc
  10. The openembedded alliance core.

    BitBake 41 94 Built by @andyblac @atvcaptain @arn354 @RobvanderDoes @rossi2000
  11. OpenEmbedded/Yocto BSP layer for Freescale's ARM based platforms

    BitBake 39 86 Built by @otavio @ericnelsonaz @fbertux @iancoolidge89 @johnweber
  12. OpenEmbedded/Yocto BSP layer for Web Browsers

    BitBake 36 73 Built by @otavio @rakuco @shr-project @kraj @dv1
  13. OpenEmbedded layer that provides the basis of AsteroidOS

    BitBake 33 16 Built by @FlorentRevest @TheLastProject @anyc @theappleman @aebruno
  14. SIMATIC IOT2000 Yocto Board Support Package

    BitBake 31 31 Built by @jan-kiszka @mschend @cmhe @stormc @Flonix
  15. OpenEmbedded/Yocto layer for Rust and Cargo

    BitBake 30 28 Built by @jmesmon @cardoe @derekstraka @tylerwhall @srwalter
  16. OpenEmbedded/Yocto Project layer for for Atmel SoCs

    BitBake 30 49 Built by @alexandrebelloni @noglitch @JoshWu @patvilchez @ldesroches
  17. OpenEmbedded layer to add support for multiple cloud service provider solutions including IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Google Cloud Platform.

    BitBake 26 22 Built by @srware @gazoo74 @ipuustin @scooter1556 @milindur
  18. Yocto/OpenEmbedded recipes for Mali devices

    BitBake 25 17 Built by @grzpra @gtucker-arm @mtdcr
  19. OpenEmbedded/Yocto BSP layer for Freescale's ARM based platforms

    BitBake 24 28 Built by @otavio @angolini @fbertux @rogeriorps @mario-goulart
  20. Yocto BSP Layer for Embest Tech iMX6 MarS Board

    BitBake 23 13 Built by @FrankBau
  21. Layer containing NXP hardware support metadata

    BitBake 22 20 Built by @otavio @guochunrong @ting-liu @fbertux @angolini
  22. BSP layer for Nvidia Tegra

    BitBake 21 23 Built by @madisongh @jackmitch @derekstraka @BassemMohsen @jonte
  23. OTA Software updates using OSTree

    BitBake 21 12 Built by @OYTIS @cajun-rat @patrickvacek @leon-anavi @tkfu
  24. Clang C/C++ cross compiler and runtime for OpenEmbedded

    BitBake 21 20 Built by @kraj @martingkelly @ribalda @rossburton @walkthetalk
  25. 💗 openembedded meta layer for the UDOO boards

    BitBake 20 6 Built by @graugans @drewmoseley @modjo756 @diegosueiro
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