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  1. riufuzz —— honggfuzz modifited version by riusksk, better support for windows (cdb symbols) and macOS, and more colorful UI

    BlitzBasic 59 221 Built by @robertswiecki @anestisb @riusksk @tl0gic @aaronc100
  2. Angstrom specific mirror. The definitive meta-ti is at -

    BlitzBasic 26 23 Built by @koenkooi @denix0 @fcooper @ipgui @jadonk
  3. BlitzBasic 23 36 Built by @RS102839 @shr-project @kdopen @iyadq @sakhnik
  4. UNOFFICIAL OE-core layer for IGEP boards

    BlitzBasic 9 7 Built by @eballetbo @martinezjavier @ebutera

    BlitzBasic 8 7 Built by @julienchauveau @rperier
  6. Yocto/OpenEmbedded layer showing example recipe

    BlitzBasic 7 10 Built by @ajlennon
  7. The Core OE layer

    BlitzBasic 6 93 Built by @rpurdie @rossburton @kraj @shr-project @incandescant
  8. Yocto / OpenEmbedded BSP layer for stlinux (SH4) based Set-Top Boxes.

    BlitzBasic 5 14 Built by @graugans @ka23 @seife @cybertux
  9. Data and scripts for the paper "Polymorphic Type Inference for Machine Code"

    BlitzBasic 5 Built by @menoonan @matt-noonan
  10. Openembedded layer for hisilicon hi3716cv200.

    BlitzBasic 5 5 Built by @windyan @danpherxu
  11. Wherein I put the code for my hyperbolic geometry stuff

    BlitzBasic 5 Built by @elendiastarman
  12. yocto layer for imx6 xbmc image

    BlitzBasic 4 9 Built by @wolfgar
  13. OpenEmbedded layer to support GNU Radio's GSoC 2013 Zynq Project

    BlitzBasic 4 1 Built by @jpendlum
  14. dm368 camera

    BlitzBasic 4 9 Built by @MikhailZinovkin
  15. Yocto layer to implement NI Linux RT distribution.

    BlitzBasic 4 4 Built by @rtollert @gratian @sharpk @billpittman @adelcast
  16. This is for Renesas H2, M2 & H1 boards

    BlitzBasic 4 5 Built by @rCarUSA
  17. BlitzBasic 4 Built by @Pakz001
  18. This is a yocto recipe to install fbtft driver as kernel module

    BlitzBasic 3 1 Built by @wallacezq
  19. Adds zip functionality to BlitzPlus & Blitz3D. Extract files, create archives and compress banks.

    BlitzBasic 3 Built by @Sodaware
  20. Fork of git://

    BlitzBasic 3 1 Built by @hrw @kraj @rsalveti @suihkulokki @koenkooi
  21. OpenEmbedded Core layer for the SolidRun CuBox device

    BlitzBasic 3 3 Built by @dv1
  22. GUIde is a GUI form editor for Blitzplus and Blitzmax. This source is for Blitzplus.

    BlitzBasic 3 2 Built by @wiebow
  23. BlitzBasic 3 Built by @heyimnox
  24. ArbyChess is a super-customizable chess engine.

    BlitzBasic 3 Built by @elendiastarman
  25. Yocto/OE Metadata Layer to turn Wandboard Dual/Quad into a wireless access point

    BlitzBasic 3 5 Built by @johnweber @mario-goulart
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