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  1. A tribute to Mad TV. Written in BlitzMax, Lua and a bit of C.

    BlitzMax 50 11 Built by @GWRon @STARSCrazy @woollybah @Sjaele @XtrmPrgrmmr
  2. Compiler for the B programming language

    BlitzMax 30 2 Built by @Leushenko
  3. The Open Source BlitzMax Compiler Project

    BlitzMax 17 5 Built by @woollybah @thomaspreece
  4. A next-generation bcc parser for BlitzMax

    BlitzMax 13 8 Built by @woollybah @GWRon @Octav14n
  5. Various BlitzMax modules

    BlitzMax 6 5 Built by @kfprimm
  6. A Level Editor for Non Tile-Based 2D games (for Mac)

    BlitzMax 6 2 Built by @frameland
  7. A set of assorted ductile modules for BlitzMax. [unsupported]

    BlitzMax 4 Built by @komiga
  8. Starfarer Ship and Data Editor, for Modders

    BlitzMax 4 4 Built by @Trylobot @Deathfly @Cataphract22 @TylerSG @zaphide
  9. BlitzMax development environment

    BlitzMax 4 5 Built by @nitrologic
  10. BlitzMax's BRL modules, patched and updated.

    BlitzMax 4 1 Built by @woollybah @GWRon
  11. BlitzMax MaxGUI modules port.

    BlitzMax 4 6 Built by @woollybah
  12. Artemis is a high performance Entity System framework for games written in Blitzmax. Originally written in Java, and is a framework to manage entities in a game world.

    BlitzMax 3 2 Built by @wiebow
  13. Game2D is a 2d game engine for Blitzmax, featuring states, entities, and much more.

    BlitzMax 3 4 Built by @wiebow
  14. Starfarer Ship and Data Editor, for Modders

    BlitzMax 3 4 Built by @Trylobot @Deathfly @Cataphract22 @TylerSG @zaphide
  15. - game and app framework for BlitzMax

    BlitzMax 3 3 Built by @GWRon
  16. BlitzMax development environment

    BlitzMax 3 5 Built by @woollybah @nitrologic @GWRon
  17. Marcus Trisdale's BlitzMax GUI

    BlitzMax 2 2 Built by @woollybah
  18. Design patterns implemented in BlitzMax NG

    BlitzMax 2 Built by @woollybah
  19. BlitzMax development environment with Scintilla

    BlitzMax 2 5 Built by @markcwm @nitrologic
  20. Ziggy's FontMachine module updated for NG.

    BlitzMax 2 2 Built by @woollybah
  21. Mojo2 rendering engine for BlitzMax NG

    BlitzMax 2 3 Built by @woollybah @GWRon
  22. TimelineFX Library for Bllitzmax

    BlitzMax 2 3 Built by @peterigz
  23. BlitzMax 2 1 Built by @SRSSoftware @0xnullptr @davecamp
  24. Simple game containing Santa and much more ;-)

    BlitzMax 2 Built by @GWRon @woollybah
  25. MaxB3D extensions

    BlitzMax 2 1 Built by @kfprimm
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