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  1. Connectal is a framework for software-driven hardware development.

    Bluespec 65 26 Built by @jameyhicks @jankcorn @hanw @m-liu @acw1251
  2. Riscy Processors - Open-Sourced RISC-V Processors

    Bluespec 25 5 Built by @acw1251 @everrosales @threonorm @jameyhicks
  3. P4-14/16 Bluespec Compiler

    Bluespec 24 8 Built by @hanw @robertsoule @hanw-bfn @dhruvsinghal @kslee
  4. The BERI and CHERI processor and hardware platform

    Bluespec 22 7 Built by @tmarkettos
  5. Open Source SSD Controller. NVMe and Lightstor variants

    Bluespec 15 14 Built by @gsmadhusudan
  6. OGC Points of Interest Encoding Specification

    Bluespec 14 13 Built by @ashleyholt @caldwellinva @cportele @kjano
  7. A generic test bench written in Bluespec

    Bluespec 10 6 Built by @mn416 @acw1251
  8. Bluespec BSV HLHDL tutorial

    Bluespec 6 4 Built by @rsnikhil
  9. Bluespec PCIe library for VC707, including Bluespec interface, linux driver and userspace library

    Bluespec 5 5 Built by @sangwoojun
  10. P4FPGA is located at

    Bluespec 5 10 Built by @hanw @kslee @vishal1303 @tudang @jameyhicks
  11. A formal spec of the RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture, written in Bluespec BSV (executable, synthesizable)

    Bluespec 5 1 Built by @rsnikhil
  12. Bluespec SystemVerilog Reed Solomon Decoder

    Bluespec 5 4
  13. Structural Spec parser based on Bluespec

    Bluespec 4 2 Built by @vmurali
  14. Rapid system integration of high-level synthesis kernels using the LEAP FPGA framework

    Bluespec 4 3 Built by @FelixWinterstein
  15. LEAP FPGA primary components

    Bluespec 4 2 Built by @kerminfleming @michael-adler @hjyang @mgambhir @jsemer
  16. Bluespec 3 1 Built by @sizhuo-zhang @trevorcarlson
  17. Public release of the DeepPhe analytic software

    Bluespec 3 Built by @seanfinan @harryhoch
  18. Reed-Solomon Decoder

    Bluespec 2 2
  19. Public release

    Bluespec 2 4 Built by @hyoukjun @invalid-email-address
  20. Bluespec System Verilog language extension for Visual Studio Code

    Bluespec 2 Built by @Raamakrishnan
  21. Bluespec 802.11a Transmitter

    Bluespec 2 2
  22. BSV implementation of restricted boltzmann machine and deep belief networks

    Bluespec 2 1 Built by @jameyhicks
  23. Bluespec H.264 Decoder

    Bluespec 1 4
  24. Hardware CNN Accelerator

    Bluespec 1 Built by @m-liu
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