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  1. Articles for How I Start

    Brainfuck 231 48 Built by @tsloughter @gigasquid @bitemyapp @jakemcc @steveklabnik
  2. Brainfuck interpreter inside printf

    Brainfuck 211 14 Built by @gannimo @benaryorg
  3. a brainfuck compiler written in brainfuck

    Brainfuck 183 4 Built by @matslina
  4. C compiler and Lisp interpreter in Brainfuck

    Brainfuck 100 3 Built by @shinh @rdebath @ad510
  5. FizzBuzz in every programming language, inspired by

    Brainfuck 74 43 Built by @zenware @nloveladyallen @project-delphi @NicholasFeldman @me-and
  6. my vimrc and using bundle to manage my vim

    Brainfuck 49 57 Built by @hominlinx
  7. Mergesort implemented in different languages

    Brainfuck 30 13 Built by @hugopeixoto
  8. One Brainfuck interpreter to rule them all!

    Brainfuck 29 4 Built by @remusao @bloody76 @kogemrka
  9. Jon Ripley's Brainfuck Lost Kingdom running in your browser.

    Brainfuck 22 1 Built by @rdebath
  10. A threaded brainfuck interpreter written in Swift

    Brainfuck 18 Built by @segiddins
  11. Gob's Program? Y/N

    Brainfuck 15 7 Built by @lokifer @camfulton @bremensaki @Murodese @spyn
  12. This is the greatest syntax definition of All Time

    Brainfuck 14 2 Built by @calculuswhiz
  13. Articles for How I Start

    Brainfuck 14 48 Built by @tsloughter @gigasquid @jakemcc @bitemyapp @steveklabnik
  14. A simple optimizing Brainfuck compiler (used as demo for my QCon Beijing 2015 talk)

    Brainfuck 12 4 Built by @liancheng
  15. Open source variants of the Artsy fonts, wrapped as a CocoaPod

    Brainfuck 11 10 Built by @orta @ashfurrow @sarahscott @alloy @y310
  16. A brainfuck interpreter in C

    Brainfuck 10 1 Built by @underscorejho
  17. Mapcode Library for Java

    Brainfuck 9 2 Built by @rijnb @mapcodefoundation @b0n541
  18. BICIB: Brainfuck Interpreter/Compiler In Brainfuck

    Brainfuck 8 Built by @NonerKao
  19. An approach to transform my handwriting into a font.

    Brainfuck 6 1 Built by @leifniem
  20. Default music collection for Bemuse. Watch this repository to be notified of new songs!

    Brainfuck 5 2 Built by @dtinth @Nachanok
  21. Brainfuck 5 1 Built by @ausmeyer @clauswilke
  22. A little brainfuck script that tells you if your computer (executing the script) is on.

    Brainfuck 5 Built by @ChibiFR
  23. Brainfuck 5 Built by @murongqiaochu
  24. the hakyll version

    Brainfuck 5 2 Built by @tsloughter @yurtaev @robotmlg
  25. 💼 É dev? É devops? É bom? Quer mexer com muita tecnologia e desafios? Olha as branches e abre uma issue na branch!

    Brainfuck 5 6 Built by @zanaca @drapello @rodrigodealer @bernardolm @thiagocortat
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