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  1. Bro is a powerful network analysis framework that is much different from the typical IDS you may know. Official mirror of .

    Bro 2,156 571 Built by @rsmmr @jsiwek @sethhall @0xxon @dnthayer
  2. Bro scripts written by CrowdStrike Services

    Bro 119 31 Built by @jshlbrd @aeppert @albertzaharovits @unusedPhD
  3. Bro IDS programs collection.

    Bro 111 11 Built by @michalpurzynski
  4. Bro scripts to be shared with the community

    Bro 96 24 Built by @LiamRandall
  5. Various Bro scripts

    Bro 81 24 Built by @sooshie @theflakes @punkrokk
  6. Bro IDS Dockerfile

    Bro 78 33 Built by @blacktop @cglewis @alen-z
  7. Bro 67 17 Built by @LiamRandall
  8. Bro 66 11 Built by @CriticalStack-Dev @LiamRandall
  9. Bro 61 18 Built by @rscope-user @giralt @commike @chulsupark
  10. Analysis scripts for the Bro Intrusion Detection System

    Bro 51 13 Built by @JustinAzoff
  11. Extract files from network traffic with Bro.

    Bro 47 16 Built by @hosom @unusedPhD @evoxco
  12. Official mirror of

    Bro 43 16 Built by @mavam @rsmmr @sethhall @0xxon @kasparjarek
  13. BotFlex is an open source tool or bot detection and analysis

    Bro 42 15 Built by @sheharbano
  14. Bro-IDS scripts

    Bro 42 13 Built by @fox-srt
  15. Bro scripts developed by the Evernote security team.

  16. A collection of Bro scripts I've written

    Bro 39 7 Built by @jonschipp
  17. This is a script module for Bro that encapsulates and detects activity related to the Mandiant APT1 report.

    Bro 37 5 Built by @sethhall @dougburks
  18. Various Bro scripts

    Bro 37 13 Built by @sethhall @JustinAzoff
  19. Network Forensics Bro scripts & pcap samples

    Bro 36 4 Built by @aboutsecurity
  20. Bro integration with osquery

    Bro 35 15 Built by @sami2316 @rsmmr
  21. Collection of Bro Scripts curated from the community and original submissions from Phirelight

    Bro 30 10 Built by @unusedPhD @mkayoh
  22. A collection of bro_scripts and signatures

    Bro 25 12 Built by @securitykitten @PingTrip @jshlbrd
  23. Bro Junk Drawer

    Bro 23 8 Built by @sethhall @jshlbrd @0xxon
  24. Contributed Bro Scripts

    Bro 22 3 Built by @mavam @rsmmr @grigorescu @sethhall @jsiwek
  25. Experimental Bro scripts with good prospects for the official bro-scripts repository.

    Bro 20 5 Built by @mavam
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