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  1. A general-purpose OpenStreetMap mapnik style, in CartoCSS

    CartoCSS 602 323 Built by @math1985 @gravitystorm @pnorman @kocio-pl @matkoniecz
  2. A Carto template for OpenStreetMap data

    CartoCSS 588 182 Built by @llimllib @ian29 @ajashton @skorasaurus @tmcw
  3. The last OpenStreetMap road query you will ever need.

    CartoCSS 206 28 Built by @migurski @nvkelso @pnorman
  4. CartoCSS port of Toner

    CartoCSS 134 50 Built by @mojodna @bdon @almccon @smathermather
  5. CartoCSS project focused on the Humanitarian Data Model

    CartoCSS 93 28 Built by @yohanboniface @skorasaurus @cquest @mapmeld @pnorman
  6. A port of Stamen's map style Toner for Tilemill

    CartoCSS 91 31 Built by @aaronlidman
  7. Vector tiles sample MBTiles file with PBF's made by mapnik via MapBox Studio

    CartoCSS 66 6 Built by @klokan @tormi
  8. Map of transit (bus) system in Macon, Georgia using Tilemill

    CartoCSS 52 15 Built by @ondrae @unruthless @mroswell
  9. World-wide CartoCSS port of Stamen's classic terrain style

    CartoCSS 51 13 Built by @clhenrick @almccon @mojodna @smathermather
  10. CartoCSS 46 23 Built by @ajashton @brunob
  11. A full-featured template / example project for Mapbox Studio using Mapbox Streets vector tiles

    CartoCSS 41 43 Built by @ajashton @yhahn @nickidlugash @andreasviglakis @tmcw
  12. The legendary map style finally open sourced

    CartoCSS 40 9 Built by @ubahnverleih @thomersch @schmittlauch
  13. CartoDB basemaps

    CartoCSS 40 13 Built by @pnorman @mojodna @almccon @zenitraM @saleiva
  14. Spatial Data Visualization for Data Scientists

    CartoCSS 35 9 Built by @almccon @clhenrick
  15. Emerald map style for Mapbox Studio

    CartoCSS 31 14 Built by @ajashton @peterqliu @yhahn @amyleew @tmcw
  16. Une adaptation "FR" de la ré-implémentation du style Mapnik d'OpenStreetMap en CartoCSS

    CartoCSS 31 323 Built by @cquest @gravitystorm @ian29 @Firefishy @smsm1
  17. A general-purpose OpenStreetMap mapnik style, in CartoCSS, served with vector tiles

    CartoCSS 29 323 Built by @math1985 @gravitystorm @pnorman @matkoniecz @nebulon42
  18. an mario-inspired Mapbox Studio map

    CartoCSS 20 8 Built by @geografa
  19. Sibelius MEI Plugin

    CartoCSS 20 10 Built by @ahankinson @th-we @mjwalter @adrianholovaty
  20. CartoCSS style for rendering a riverboat oriented map on top of OSM data

    CartoCSS 20 6 Built by @yohanboniface @systemed @gravitystorm @cquest
  21. Print maps for humanitarian response

    CartoCSS 19 3 Built by @aaronlidman @amyleew @lxbarth @mtirwin
  22. A pipeline for automated mapping of aggregate racial/ancestral groups - based on a 1976 map of Chicago

    CartoCSS 18 2 Built by @wboykinm @TheMapSmith
  23. Vector contours + street labels for Mapbox Satellite

    CartoCSS 15 8 Built by @nickidlugash @ajashton @mtirwin @tmcw @yhahn
  24. OSM-Swiss-Style: CartoCSS Style for TileMill based on OpenStreetMap Data and OSM-Bright template

    CartoCSS 15 10 Built by @xyztobixyz @datendelphin @LoremoCH @mstock
  25. 鬼島圖磚服務

    CartoCSS 14 1 Built by @virus-warnning
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