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  1. a Productive Parallel Programming Language

    Chapel 611 176 Built by @bradcray @mppf @lydia-duncan @ronawho @noakesmichael
  2. word2vec in Chapel

    Chapel 15 1 Built by @briangu
  3. Chearch is a simple search engine written in Cray's Chapel language.

    Chapel 11 1 Built by @briangu
  4. sketching algorithms implemented in chapel and python

    Chapel 10 1 Built by @ct-clmsn
  5. A Numerical Library for the Chapel Programming Language

    Chapel 9 4 Built by @buddha314 @Tshimanga @ben-albrecht
  6. [GSoC] Distributed Data Structures - Collections Framework for Chapel language

    Chapel 7 1 Built by @LouisJenkinsCS
  7. Http server in Chapel language.

    Chapel 7 Built by @marcoscleison
  8. Python Bindings for Chapel language.

    Chapel 6 1 Built by @marcoscleison
  9. Chapel Data Object

    Chapel 6 1 Built by @marcoscleison @ben-albrecht
  10. The (Ch) (I)mplementation of (N)umerical (G)raph (O)peratio(n)s

    Chapel 4 2 Built by @buddha314 @nimitbhardwaj
  11. Chapel triple store

    Chapel 4
  12. CoMD implementation in Chapel

    Chapel 4 2 Built by @benharsh @rfhaque
  13. Redis (Hiredis) client binding for Chapel

    Chapel 4 Built by @marcoscleison
  14. TCL binding for Chapel Language.

    Chapel 3 Built by @marcoscleison
  15. a Productive Parallel Programming Language

    Chapel 3 176 Built by @bradcray @mppf @lydia-duncan @ronawho @thomasvandoren
  16. Chapel 3 1 Built by @e-kayrakli
  17. SDL bindings for Chapel

    Chapel 3 Built by @mjk8ball
  18. Maze generator

    Chapel 3 Built by @ditenhome
  19. Chapel Implementation of SPLATT (parallel sparse tensor factorization)

    Chapel 2 Built by @thomasrolinger
  20. a Chapel implementation of NIST's JAMA linear algebra library

    Chapel 2 1 Built by @ct-clmsn @benharsh
  21. Tracking research branches that are not under active development. This is a fork of chapel-lang/chapel.

    Chapel 2 4 Built by @bradcray @sungeunchoi @thomasvandoren @daviditen @lydia-duncan
  22. My playground for chapel programs

    Chapel 2 Built by @barrymoo
  23. Machine Learning algorithms in Chapel

    Chapel 2 Built by @kawechel
  24. Project Euler, in Chapel!

    Chapel 2 2 Built by @thomasvandoren
  25. Chapel heat map and code visualizer for ChplViz logs

    Chapel 2 1 Built by @ben-albrecht
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