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  1. LiCK, Library for ChucK

    ChucK 97 11 Built by @heuermh @bitdeli-chef @durantjm198
  2. Code repository for Music220A at CCRMA -

    ChucK 32 6 Built by @hoch @rmichon
  3. Musical Simple Interface beta version

    ChucK 14 5 Built by @essteban @son0p
  4. A collection of scripts and tookit classes for the ChucK music programming language

    ChucK 10 2 Built by @scotchi
  5. ChucK 6 Built by @marpet @mzuehlke @forman
  6. Lightweight MIDI input framework for ChucK

    ChucK 6 Built by @GLN
  7. A musical instrument.

    ChucK 5 5 Built by @bonniee @bonniee-cc
  8. An ambient sound jukebox app for the Raspberry Pi

    ChucK 5 1 Built by @concrete-mixer
  9. Using ChucK as an External Instrument in Ableton Live

    ChucK 4 Built by @jkant76
  10. My tools for chuck, work in progress !

    ChucK 4 Built by @casperschipper
  11. A multi-layered, probabilistic, polyphonic, polyrhythmic, dynamic step sequencer

    ChucK 3 Built by @degville
  12. A general repo for all of our robot code!

    ChucK 3 1 Built by @nathanshaw @ericheep @nessss @jakemumu
  13. A simple rolling average beat detector in ChucK.

    ChucK 3 1
  14. ChucK scripts to map regular MIDI CC messages to NRPN

    ChucK 3 Built by @rolodato
  15. Markov chain examples in chuck

    ChucK 3 Built by @davidnaas
  16. parasite for chucK

    ChucK 3 Built by @essteban
  17. Components to an interactive music composition in the ChucK audio language

    ChucK 2 Built by @gdamron
  18. Semi-automate sampling of MIDI instruments using ChucK

    ChucK 2 Built by @rolodato
  19. ChucK 2 Built by @mariobuoninfante
  20. shapes make sounds

    ChucK 2 Built by @fishs
  21. Some of my computer music projects

    ChucK 2 Built by @lfzawacki
  22. Automatically exported from

    ChucK 2 Built by @stefansjs
  23. Escuela de electrónicas eXtrañas

    ChucK 1 3 Built by @son0p @electropipe @DanielLuna @rotativa @Kaziuz
  24. light reactive soundscape project

    ChucK 1 Built by @alandub
  25. ChucK 1 Built by @iaine @austgate
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