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  1. A Knowledge Based System (KBS) using CLIPS for Horticulture disease and pest diagnosis

    CLIPS 9 6 Built by @wcyn @tmendonca28 @snyambura @JayJay95 @NKabiru
  2. CLIPS 6 Built by @utk3995
  3. School task at AI

    CLIPS 5 Built by @deric
  4. Date functions do not exist in CLIPS as at version 6.30. These functions supplement some of the need.

    CLIPS 5 1 Built by @mattsmi
  5. Progetto di Intelligenza Artificiale

    CLIPS 5 1 Built by @Aterocana @axedre
  6. advanced topic expert systems

    CLIPS 4 Built by @n3a9
  7. A default file system for electron to make it easier to write self contained programs

    CLIPS 4 2 Built by @DrItanium
  8. This repo has 3 example problems solved using CLIPS.

    CLIPS 4 1 Built by @SaptakS
  9. CLIPS utils, &later pvm code

    CLIPS 3 2 Built by @MBcode
  10. This is a simple expert system implemented in CLIPS.

    CLIPS 3 3
  11. Endings for aspilro environments

    CLIPS 3 2 Built by @tortinator @wanko
  12. Several projects for the Artificial Intelligence course, with topics such as Recommender and Rule-based Systems, Ontologies and Natural Language Processing.

    CLIPS 3 3 Built by @Ana06 @vicgalle
  13. Wavefront Scheduling implemented as an expert system.

    CLIPS 3 1 Built by @DrItanium
  14. Expert Systems - uses COOL

    CLIPS 2 1 Built by @andrewburger
  15. Progetti di Intelligenza Artificiale, a.a. 2012/13

    CLIPS 2 1 Built by @GoldenGreenHouse @Aterocana @axedre
  16. Prácticas de la asignatura de Ingeniería del Conocimiento de la UGR 2015-2016

    CLIPS 2 Built by @BraulioV
  17. RPGLE Object Orientated Framework

    CLIPS 2 Built by @TheCuckoo
  18. Projects embedded with rule based expert system shell (JESS & e2gDroid)

    CLIPS 2 Built by @palaksharma020
  19. SEU Exit program

    CLIPS 2 2 Built by @starbuck5250 @WorksOfLiam @jkyeung
  20. A web based expert system to recommend food based on user's preferences

    CLIPS 2 Built by @jarvis57
  21. Carsten Flensburg's API's with build scripts ready for OSSILE

    CLIPS 2 Built by @ChrisHird
  22. An expert system library and toolset for defining tasks locally

    CLIPS 2 1 Built by @DrItanium
  23. Exemple de programmation sur IBMi par les clubs Utilisateurs Pays de Loire et Bretagne

    CLIPS 2 Built by @FrenchIBMi @CmasseVolubis
  24. CLIPS 2 Built by @AlexKovalenko96s
  25. Itanium Basic Block Scheduler implemented as an expert system

    CLIPS 2 1 Built by @DrItanium
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