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  1. Monospaced font with programming ligatures

    Clojure 17,296 471 Built by @tonsky @Dominionized @j-f1 @abenedykt @her001 39 stars today
  2. A complex event processing library for Clojure and ClojureScript.

    Clojure 35 2 8 stars today
  3. Fast, cross-platform, standalone ClojureScript environment

    Clojure 1,041 43 Built by @anmonteiro @arichiardi @moxaj @hlolli @jmfirth 7 stars today
  4. Human-optimized error messages for clojure.spec

    Clojure 240 1 Built by @bhb 7 stars today
  5. Automate Clojure projects without setting your hair on fire.

    Clojure 5,589 1,250 Built by @technomancy @hyPiRion @trptcolin @mtyaka @michaelklishin 6 stars today
  6. A Clojure network REPL that provides a server and client, along with some common APIs of use to IDEs and other tools that may need to evaluate Clojure code in remote environments.

    Clojure 582 76 Built by @cemerick @kotarak @trptcolin @seancorfield @bbatsov
  7. Clojure 107 2,292 Built by @rahcola
  8. A handy collection of algorithms dealing with fuzzy strings and phonetics.

    Clojure 143 15 Built by @Yomguithereal @arilitan @tkocmathla @devth
  9. Library to create mock Ring requests for unit tests

    Clojure 104 24 Built by @weavejester @jcf @glenjamin @boechat107 @jgeraerts
  10. Forward-chaining rules in Clojure

    Clojure 643 67 Built by @rbrush @WilliamParker @mrrodriguez @ylando2 @hugoduncan
  11. The Light Table IDE

    Clojure 9,778 856 Built by @ibdknox @cldwalker @jamii @kenny-evitt @MikeInnes
  12. Clojure to JS compiler

    Clojure 7,282 639 Built by @swannodette @anmonteiro @mfikes @brentonashworth @fogus
  13. ClojureScript interface to Facebook's React

    Clojure 6,259 359 Built by @swannodette @anmonteiro @awkay @bnoguchi @jlongster
  14. Collaborative Programmable Music

    Clojure 3,837 361 Built by @samaaron @rosejn @neatonk @mozinator @daveray
  15. Android Instance State made easy

    Clojure 3,430 193 Built by @frankiesardo @ultimate-deej @chris-horner @ming13 @seeday
  16. A network event stream processing system, in Clojure.

    Clojure 3,377 485 Built by @aphyr @pyr @jamtur01 @Anvil @mcorbin
  17. A concise routing library for Ring/Clojure

    Clojure 3,261 220 Built by @weavejester @arohner @budu @lrenn @abedra
  18. A set of exercises for learning Clojure

    Clojure 2,791 1,624 Built by @trptcolin @abedra @tmarble @Strikingwolf @elenam
  19. ClojureScript's persistent data structures and supporting API from the comfort of vanilla JavaScript

    Clojure 2,752 127 Built by @swannodette @michaelsbradleyjr @tgriesser @glenjamin @sgrove
  20. A minimalistic ClojureScript interface to React.js

    Clojure 2,728 191 Built by @holmsand @Deraen @yogthos @mike-thompson-day8 @hlship
  21. A music programming language for musicians. 🎶

    Clojure 2,726 171 Built by @daveyarwood @crisptrutski @jgkamat @bbqbaron @benoid
  22. A Reagent Framework For Writing SPAs, in Clojurescript.

    Clojure 2,713 289 Built by @mike-thompson-day8 @danielcompton @stumitchell @smahood @hipitihop
  23. Immutable database and Datalog query engine for Clojure, ClojureScript and JS

    Clojure 2,673 175 Built by @tonsky @benfleis @dthume @montyxcantsin @abrooks
  24. A framework for distributed systems verification, with fault injection

    Clojure 2,588 312 Built by @aphyr @knz @UncP @hptabster @jpfuentes2
  25. A series of tutorials on ClojureScript

    Clojure 2,427 274 Built by @magomimmo @j1mr10rd4n @learningcljs @GiovanniFerrari @moquist
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