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  1. 📺 COBOL bridge for NodeJS which allows you to run COBOL code from NodeJS.

    COBOL 467 31 Built by @IonicaBizau @krzkaczor @rbkrabbe @BernhardBezdek @dandv
  2. Micro web-framework for COBOL

    COBOL 428 17 Built by @azac
  3. 📟 Node.js bridge for COBOL which allows you to run Node.js code from COBOL.

    COBOL 141 7 Built by @IonicaBizau
  4. Programas para creacion y validación de XML, Facturas CFDI, Retenciones, Contabilidad electronica (SAT/SHCP/Mexico)

    COBOL 48 32 Built by @fortiz
  5. Unit testing framework and sample code for batch Cobol programs.

    COBOL 29 7 Built by @davenicolette @neopragma
  6. TypeCobol is an Incremental Cobol parser for IBM Enterprise Cobol 5.1 for zOS syntax. TypeCobol is also an extension of Cobol 85 language which can then be converted to Cobol85.

    COBOL 17 8 Built by @smedilol @collarbe @mayanje @laurentprudhon @osmedile
  7. Running a webapp in pure COBOL

    COBOL 16 4 Built by @rauchg @OlliV
  8. A RESPONSIVE HTML5/CSS3 Javascript free Framework for COBOL systems

    COBOL 11 4 Built by @addinall
  9. A Common Lisp Interpreter Built in COBOL

    COBOL 9 1 Built by @lauryndbrown
  10. 🌉 COBOL bridge for NodeJS with promises support.

    COBOL 9 3 Built by @IonicaBizau @krzkaczor @BernhardBezdek
  11. 席替えスクリプト2015!

    COBOL 8 8 Built by @hfm @hanazuki @kentaro @komaji @orzup
  12. Examples for OpenCobol, AS400 COBOL, CL, CLP, CLLE, CBLLE

    COBOL 8 4 Built by @Martinfx @Malanius
  13. IRC bot in COBOL-74

    COBOL 8 Built by @zgrep @heddwch
  14. A bunch of example programs written to learn Cobol and become the Mayor of Cobol on trending

    COBOL 8 3 Built by @m3talsmith
  15. COBOL 8 1 Built by @smoochisnoopers @stacksmith-bot
  16. COBOLUnit is a unit testing framework for OpenCOBOL (fork)

    COBOL 8 2 Built by @gbeine
  17. ProLeap ANTLR4-based parser for Cobol 85

    COBOL 7 7 Built by @uwol @mgh87 @httpdigest @sebdei
  18. Common programming katas with solutions in COBOL (GnuCOBOL)

    COBOL 6 1 Built by @mikebharris
  19. CoinBoller is a Minesweeper implemented by COBOL

    COBOL 6 2 Built by @yujisakata
  20. A simple unfeatured calculator written in MicroFocus COBOL for Visual Studio 2015

    COBOL 5 Built by @gaessaki
  21. Source code for 'Beginning COBOL for Programmers' by Michael Coughlan

    COBOL 5 3 Built by @gwens
  22. Cobcurses (migrated from SF)

    COBOL 5 Built by @ve3wwg
  23. Open Cobol (GnuCobol), Ocesql and CGI Project

    COBOL 5 4 Built by @peterb67
  24. COBOL assignments

    COBOL 4 2 Built by @proxa
  25. COBOL 4 Built by @Amatsukan
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