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  1. Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser.

    CoffeeScript 2,034 48 Built by @brian-mann @jennifer-shehane @chrisbreiding @bahmutov @lorennorman 41 stars today
  2. 一键部署,随处可用 Free Shadowsocks-Heroku

    CoffeeScript 213 734 Built by @mrluanma @onplus @clowwindy @librehat @bigbagboom 19 stars today
  3. Manage and switch between multiple proxies quickly & easily.

    CoffeeScript 7,566 1,378 Built by @FelisCatus @MasoudRahmani @weblate @nijel @olloff 8 stars today
  4. 🔒 an http proxy to route images through SSL

    CoffeeScript 1,057 175 Built by @atmos @josh @rmm5t @rtomayko @jomo
  5. A Dockerfile for building the official ShareLaTeX Community Edition docker image

    CoffeeScript 103 43 Built by @henryoswald @ShaneKilkelly @jpallen @heukirne @vvhof
  6. Bookmark editor lines in Atom

    CoffeeScript 39 24 Built by @kevinsawicki @as-cii @benogle @nathansobo @probablycorey
  7. Unfancy JavaScript

    CoffeeScript 14,379 1,930 Built by @jashkenas @michaelficarra @GeoffreyBooth @satyr @lydell
  8. A rich text editor for everyday writing

    CoffeeScript 8,079 374 Built by @javan @sstephenson @drewrygh @conormuirhead @mitar
  9. The hacker's browser.

    CoffeeScript 7,700 1,020 Built by @smblott-CodeGayHub @philc @mrmr1993 @int3 @ilya
  10. Low-Budget Password Strength Estimation

    CoffeeScript 7,670 488 Built by @lowe @nmalkin @studds @aybabtme @luuuis
  11. Pretty time-series line graphs

    CoffeeScript 6,639 1,166 Built by @oesmith @JelteF @tiraeth @sudodoki @chriserin
  12. Javascript library to create physics-based animations

    CoffeeScript 6,609 370 Built by @michaelvillar @mv-stripe @perrin4869 @Grafikart @djfrsn
  13. Markdown presentation writer, powered by Electron.

    CoffeeScript 6,208 332 Built by @yhatt @will-hart @yasumichi @btbytes @radarhere
  14. Game for learning how to code.

    CoffeeScript 5,768 2,908 Built by @nwinter @sderickson @differentmatt @Imperadeiro98 @schmatz
  15. FRP (functional reactive programming) library for Javascript

    CoffeeScript 5,767 324 Built by @raimohanska @lautis @phadej @wolfflow @matthew-hilty
  16. Add CodeGayHub like mentions autocomplete to your application.

    CoffeeScript 4,641 600 Built by @ichord @4ver @XrXr @vcekov @millerdev
  17. JavaScript library for all kinds of color manipulations

    CoffeeScript 4,606 339 Built by @gka @acterhd @greggman @arya-s @jdanford
  18. A web-based collaborative LaTeX editor

    CoffeeScript 4,557 541 Built by @jpallen @henryoswald @ShaneKilkelly @briangough @tomcoombs87
  19. Textures.js is a JavaScript library for creating SVG patterns

    CoffeeScript 4,249 187 Built by @riccardoscalco @joemaller @maxogden @bollwyvl @kkirsche
  20. Extract prominent colors from an image. JS port of Android's Palette.

    CoffeeScript 4,143 166 Built by @jariz @errietta @jonathanzong @kkirsche @bryant1410
  21. Quick and easy product tours with Twitter Bootstrap Popovers

    CoffeeScript 3,939 823 Built by @sorich87 @LostCrew @emmenko @brexis @Genosite
  22. [DEPRECATED] A general purpose library for building credit card forms, validating inputs and formatting numbers.

    CoffeeScript 3,720 686 Built by @jamesreggio @alex-stripe @jenan-stripe @jenanwise @maccman
  23. DEPRECATED, see for details - optional scripts for hubot, opt in via hubot-scripts.json

    CoffeeScript 3,432 1,978 Built by @tombell @technicalpickles @atmos @iangreenleaf @Iristyle
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