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  1. Homotopy type theory

    Coq 493 96 Built by @JasonGross @mikeshulman @andrejbauer @SkySkimmer @spitters
  2. The CompCert formally-verified C compiler

    Coq 412 57 Built by @bschommer @xavierleroy @m-schmidt @fpottier @jhjourdan
  3. Cosette is an automated SQL solver powered by Coq and Rosette.

    Coq 389 34 Built by @stechu @Mestway @konne88 @Snoozy @akcheung
  4. A framework for formally verifying distributed systems implementations in Coq

    Coq 334 30 Built by @wilcoxjay @dwoos @palmskog @justinads @Anxuiz
  5. This coq library aims to formalize a substantial body of mathematics using the univalent point of view.

    Coq 298 51 Built by @DanGrayson @benediktahrens @mortberg @cathlelay @rmatthes
  6. A formalization of category theory in Coq for personal study and practical work

    Coq 261 20 Built by @jwiegley @ekmett @jonsterling
  7. Voevodsky's original development of the univalent foundations of mathematics in Coq

    Coq 185 18 Built by @DanGrayson
  8. A Coq specification of ECMAScript 5 (JavaScript) with verified reference interpreter

    Coq 151 6 Built by @Mbodin @brabalan @da319 @IgnoredAmbience @dfilaretti
  9. A blog engine written and proven in Coq.

    Coq 136 6 Built by @clarus @alokmenghrajani
  10. Formal Reasoning About Programs

    Coq 130 21 Built by @achlipala @ZiyaoWei @wangpengmit @andres-erbsen @ichung
  11. FSCQ is a certified file system written and proven in Coq

    Coq 124 10 Built by @zeldovich @kaashoek @haogang @tchajed @akonradi
  12. Coq 101 5 Built by @jwiegley
  13. Mindless, verified (erasably) coding using dependent types

    Coq 100 4 Built by @jonleivent
  14. Mathematical Components

    Coq 93 28 Built by @gares @CohenCyril @amahboubi @maximedenes @ejgallego
  15. A library for formalizing Haskell types and functions in Coq

    Coq 89 7 Built by @jwiegley
  16. PeaCoq is a pretty Coq, isn't it?

    Coq 83 10 Built by @Ptival @ztatlock @NightRa @Zimmi48 @emichael
  17. Coq 76 2 Built by @amintimany
  18. A library of abstract interfaces for mathematical structures in Coq.

    Coq 75 33 Built by @robbertkrebbers @Eelis @spitters @tomprince @wires
  19. Verified Software Toolchain

    Coq 75 29 Built by @andrew-appel @QinxiangCao @gstew5 @scuellar @jmadiot
  20. Coq 68 7 Built by @robbertkrebbers
  21. Randomized Property-Based Testing Plugin for Coq

    Coq 63 4 Built by @lemonidas @zoep @catalin-hritcu @maximedenes @arthuraa
  22. Convert Haskell source code to Coq source code

    Coq 59 4 Built by @antalsz @nomeata @sweirich @crizkallah @lastland
  23. A web server written in Coq.

    Coq 59 2 Built by @clarus
  24. A proof of false.

    Coq 59 2 Built by @clarus
  25. A compiler plug-in to control object lifetimes in Scala

    Coq 57 3 Built by @TiarkRompf @GSAir @losvald @XilunWu @MasseGuillaume
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