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  1. The Crystal Programming Language

    Crystal 8,823 707 Built by @waj @jhass @bcardiff @ysbaddaden @MakeNowJust 10 stars today
  2. Test Unit for the Crystal programming language

    Crystal 52 9 Built by @ysbaddaden @mirago @akzhan @brandondrew @dmitryrck
  3. Fast, Effective, Simple web framework for Crystal

    Crystal 1,771 99 Built by @sdogruyol @f @jmoriau @Sija @crisward
  4. πŸ’Ž A collection of awesome Crystal libraries, tools, frameworks and software

    Crystal 1,178 120 Built by @veelenga @SuperPaintman @Sija @blocknotes @tbrand
  5. Amethyst is a Rails inspired web-framework for Crystal language

    Crystal 530 41 Built by @Codcore @thomasnal @bararchy @sdogruyol @jeffreydvp
  6. Simple, efficient job processing for Crystal

    Crystal 376 22 Built by @mperham @waghanza @kostya @wildfiler @jhass
  7. Dependency manager for the Crystal language

    Crystal 356 37 Built by @ysbaddaden @luislavena @jessedoyle @jhass @mverzilli
  8. Crystal By Example

    Crystal 226 24 Built by @askn @mjago @l3kn @DougEverly @amitsaha
  9. a postgres driver for crystal

    Crystal 208 34 Built by @will @bcardiff @waghanza @ysbaddaden @bigtunacan
  10. Interactive console for Crystal programming language

    Crystal 184 16 Built by @greyblake @jwoertink @oprypin @puppetpies @MikeMcQuaid
  11. Amber is an open source efficient and cohesive web application framework developed for the Crystal language

    Crystal 181 24 Built by @eliasjpr @elorest @drujensen @fridgerator @mixflame
  12. Full featured Redis client for Crystal

    Crystal 177 20 Built by @stefanwille @mperham @Xanders @karhatsu @maiha
  13. Guardian watches over your files and run assigned tasks.

    Crystal 174 13 Built by @f @marceloboeira @naltun @cjgajard @elorest
  14. A rails like framework based on kemal

    Crystal 162 20 Built by @drujensen @elorest @danielRomero @MrISH @azah
  15. Active Record pattern implementation for Crystal.

    Crystal 161 15 Built by @waterlink @sdogruyol @fg @akitaonrails @trapped
  16. Building native OSX apps.

    Crystal 158 7 Built by @0x73 @sdogruyol @askn @jhass
  17. Static site server (basically blogs) with Crystal Language

    Crystal 145 7 Built by @f @enderahmetyurt @gitter-badger
  18. An demo app for lattice-core

    Crystal 140 10 Built by @jasonl99 @astoeckley @94b1
  19. Database wrapper for Crystal, inspired by Ecto

    Crystal 137 20 Built by @fridgerator @Zhomart @faultyserver @neovintage @metacortex
  20. Crystal bindings to SFML multimedia/game library

    Crystal 137 7 Built by @oprypin @petoem @nicck
  21. Web framework for Crystal language [DEPRECATED in favour of kemal]

    Crystal 124 13 Built by @dhruvrajvanshi @Codcore @jhass @teodor-pripoae @adlerhsieh
  22. 🐈 The Charly Programming Language

    Crystal 119 6 Built by @KCreate @hugoabonizio
  23. Thread-safe, persistent, immutable collections for the Crystal language

    Crystal 110 6 Built by @lucaong @AndrewRadev @tjgillies
  24. Super fast, zero configuration command line HTTP Server.

    Crystal 103 8 Built by @sdogruyol @Shadowys @fatiherikli @hasantayyar
  25. HTTP benchmarking tool written in Crystal

    Crystal 102 7 Built by @sdogruyol @bararchy @f
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