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  1. Csound 8 3 Built by @joachimheintz @csudo @hlolli
  2. Library of Csound UDO Code

    Csound 4 1 Built by @kunstmusik
  3. Csound 3 1 Built by @omarzd
  4. Atom package for Orc syntax highlighting.

    Csound 2 Built by @xbony2
  5. imaginary tape delay using korg kontrol and csound

    Csound 1 1 Built by @khirai
  6. Csound Built by @Ebmtranceboy
  7. Production source code for the Collider EP

    Csound Built by @ventlion
  8. Csound Built by @addisaden
  9. making xtouch mini useful to csound

    Csound Built by @khirai
  10. Enhanced parts database for OpenRocket

    Csound Built by @dbcook
  11. Convert audio signals to polar signals

    Csound Built by @eddyc
  12. Change file extensions in strings

    Csound Built by @eddyc
  13. Csound 3 Built by @joachimheintz @csudo @hlolli
  14. Library of Csound UDO Code

    Csound 1 Built by @kunstmusik
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