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  1. Composers and programmers collaborate on musical scores and software performers to play them.

    Csound Score 5 Built by @marksweiss
  2. Collection of csound instruments

    Csound Score 3 7 Built by @kroger @ReneNyffenegger
  3. Csound Score 1 Built by @hemokosa
  4. Csound compositions etc

    Csound Score Built by @ReneNyffenegger
  5. Repository delle esercitazioni degli studenti entrati nell'A.A. 2015-2016

    Csound Score 1 Built by @nicb @AndreaGeremia @Edd95 @Edsan95
  6. Experimental songs and sounds

    Csound Score Built by @ventlion @Orbitizer
  7. Csound Score Built by @CodeGayHubt3g
  8. Csound Score Built by @wbach
  9. An open-source Digital Microfluidic (DMF) automation system developed in the Wheeler Lab.

    Csound Score Built by @sci-bots-build @ryanfobel
  10. Performances of Some Baseline Learning to Rank (L2R) Algorithms on LETOR Data Sets

    Csound Score Built by @horsehour
  11. It's an experimental library

    Csound Score Built by @realbardia
  12. Adding test files here

    Csound Score Built by @TeaAmmunet
  13. Open Hardware logic analyzer based on the Cypress CY7C68013A IC.

    Csound Score 2 Built by @kuym
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