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  1. A physical model of the human vocal tract using literate programming.

    CWeb 99 4 Built by @PaulBatchelor
  2. MMIX 2009 – a RISC computer for the third millennium

    CWeb 12 1 Built by @ascherer
  3. A library for drawing sample-accurate lines and automation curves for computer-based music. Also a literate program using CWEB.

    CWeb 2 Built by @PaulBatchelor
  4. Damgra projects

    CWeb 2 Built by @elapare @thalelinh
  5. Examples of literate programming by Knuth

    CWeb 1 Built by @shreevatsa
  6. Literate Programming in C/C++ →

    CWeb 1 1 Built by @ascherer
  7. Forward and Inverse Radiative Transport using the Adding-Doubling method

    CWeb 1 Built by @scottprahl
  8. Large Scale Neural Modeling (LSNM) simulator in Python

    CWeb 1 7 Built by @ulloaa
  9. CWeb 1 12 Built by @MonkSunBoy
  10. Programming Methodology - Assignment 1

    CWeb 16
  11. CWeb Built by @worden-lee @tcporco @jglovier
  12. Standford (SEE)

    CWeb Built by @Fizziksgeek
  13. CWeb Built by @VAST2017-284
  14. CWeb Built by @DeveloperADJ
  15. Mastermind in CWEB

    CWeb Built by @MichaelOryan
  16. CWeb Built by @igor-liferenko
  17. CWeb Built by @igor-liferenko
  18. CWeb Built by @huangjifu
  19. vikdean

    CWeb Built by @vikdean
  20. CIKM Lazada Product Title Challenge 2017

    CWeb 1 Built by @NhuanTDBK
  21. CWeb Built by @igor-liferenko @hughbarney
  22. CWeb Built by @igor-liferenko
  23. CWeb Built by @igor-liferenko
  24. A large-scale neural network model that simulates the management of multiple items in short-term memory.

    CWeb 1 Built by @Qinliuq @ulloaa
  25. c code for computing stochastic simulations

    CWeb Built by @es335mathwiz
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