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  1. Various cycript functions

    Cycript 86 27 Built by @Tyilo
  2. Inject a custom NSURLProtocl into a running application

    Cycript 21 1 Built by @keith
  3. Basic shell scripts and quick functions that can be used to help with runtime iOS application analysis.

    Cycript 7 2 Built by @jmahboob
  4. Cycript 6 1 Built by @nologic
  5. Cycript 3 Built by @Reflejo @keith
  6. Various cycript functions

    Cycript 2 27 Built by @Tyilo
  7. 穿越中文输入法

    Cycript 1
  8. Collection of useful helpers I've found / written that help make working with cycript a bit more awesome.

    Cycript 1 4 Built by @b3ll
  9. A Socket library for Cycript

    Cycript 1 3 Built by @zabirauf
  10. Useful Cycript functions

    Cycript 1 1 Built by @wzqcongcong
  11. Cycript 1 1 Built by @zhangYongJieQZ
  12. Modify your Macbook battery capacity!

    Cycript 1 Built by @cocoahuke
  13. Cycript Built by @xdc0459
  14. A Socket library for Cycript

    Cycript 3 Built by @zabirauf
  15. Cycript 1 Built by @zhangYongJieQZ
  16. Cycript Built by @adam-cowley
  17. Cycript Built by @drummk2
  18. A collection of probably useless scripts for jailbroken iDevices with Cycript installed

    Cycript Built by @YoshiOG1
  19. just a place for cycript utilities

    Cycript 1 Built by @davidlindner
  20. Code files for Cyril livecoding app

    Cycript Built by @marcinbiegun
  21. Cycript Built by @gtalent
  22. ERBI Input method for vim

    Cycript Built by @CandySunPlus
  23. Cycript Built by @seanogden
  24. Cycript Built by @gtalent
  25. Axis files

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