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  1. Low level runtime library for the D programming language

    D 464 316 Built by @MartinNowak @complexmath @WalterBright @rainers @andralex
  2. A tiling terminal emulator for Linux using GTK+ 3

    D 2,059 111 Built by @gnunn1 @weblate @phw @f2404 @dsboger
  3. dmd D Programming Language compiler

    D 1,712 432 Built by @WalterBright @9rnsr @yebblies @MartinNowak @don-clugston-sociomantic
  4. Free Client for OneDrive on Linux

    D 1,222 128 Built by @skilion @lanhin @astanin @Scimmia22 @jlcs-es
  5. Official vibe.d development

    D 890 252 Built by @s-ludwig @Geod24 @etcimon @MartinNowak @mdondorff
  6. D 887 66 Built by @rostyboost @lindt @ryanmaclean
  7. The standard library of the D programming language

    D 846 572 Built by @andralex @jmdavis @9rnsr @quickfur @DmitryOlshansky
  8. The LLVM-based D Compiler.

    D 643 133 Built by @klickverbot @redstar @kinke @lindquist @ckamm
  9. A fast preprocessor for C and C++

    D 441 42 Built by @WalterBright @markisaa @inglorion @andralex @Gownta
  10. Package and build management system for D

    D 387 148 Built by @s-ludwig @MartinNowak @mdondorff @dlang-bot @grogancolin
  11. Cross Platform GUI for D programming language

    D 383 73 Built by @buggins @and3md @dayllenger @FreeSlave @denizzzka
  12. A free and open 3D game engine written in D.

    D 365 67 Built by @ColdenCullen @zeDoctor @ericchristenson @tmr9209 @BrandonLittell
  13. A kernel written in D

    D 355 34 Built by @Vild @M4GNV5 @WebFreak001 @AravK @modohash
  14. A Parsing Expression Grammar (PEG) module, using the D programming language.

    D 330 51 Built by @PhilippeSigaud @veelo @chadjoan @callumenator @alexrp
  15. GNU D Compiler

    D 328 51 Built by @ibuclaw @jpf91 @venix1 @vampolo @belka-ew
  16. An exokernel operating system written in D

    D 299 81 Built by @wilkie @wolfwood @steveklabnik @LindseyB @roobie
  17. This is a collection of modules that I've released over the years. Most of them stand alone, or have just one or two dependencies in here, so you don't have to download this whole repo. You may find some ddoc here: or you can always ask me for help.

    D 298 61 Built by @adamdruppe @eskimor @Trass3r @quickfur @WebFreak001
  18. Robust ABC (ActionScript Bytecode) [Dis-]Assembler

    D 294 68 Built by @CyberShadow
  19. A console client for

    D 262 35 Built by @HaCk3Dq @substanceof @8084 @denizzzka @bcskda
  20. A curated list of awesome D documents, frameworks, libraries and software. Inspired by awesome-python.

    D 262 34 Built by @zhaopuming @wilzbach @fkromer @ZombineDev @ANtlord
  21. The D Completion Daemon is an auto-complete program for the D programming language

    D 248 56 Built by @Hackerpilot @BBasile @WebFreak001 @tsukimizake @idanarye
  22. Tools for working with SAM/BAM/CRAM data

    D 232 52 Built by @lomereiter @pjotrp @sambrightman @csw @djhshih
  23. D news aggregator, newsgroup client, web newsreader and IRC bot

    D 221 95 Built by @CyberShadow @aG0aep6G @brad-anderson @gmfawcett @beatgammit
  24. D language IDE based on DlangUI

    D 211 33 Built by @buggins @Freakazo @shiche @dayllenger @keywan-ghadami
  25. GtkD is a D binding and OO wrapper of GTK+

    D 192 48 Built by @MikeWey @gnunn1 @russel @ximion @NCrashed
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