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  1. Generic, high-level Git workflow support!

    Gherkin 1,465 53 Built by @kevgo @charlierudolph @allewun @ricmatsui @redouglas
  2. The SDKMAN! Command Line Interface

    Gherkin 1,660 240 Built by @marc0der @dsyer @felipefzdz @pledbrook @pbassiner
  3. jekyll extensions for the blogging scholar

    Gherkin 486 57 Built by @inukshuk @IgnoredAmbience @elotroalex @hendrikvanantwerpen @mdave
  4. Middleman : Blog Engine Extension

    Gherkin 290 179 Built by @bhollis @tdreyno @rumpuslabs @iwarner @rmm5t
  5. Full-Stack OpenFlow Framework in Ruby

    Gherkin 262 83 Built by @yasuhito @nickkaranatsios @sugyo @chibacchie @kazuyas
  6. Specification of the Cypher property graph query language

    Gherkin 194 40 Built by @Mats-SX @petraselmer @boggle @thobe @systay
  7. Epics and UserStory with BDD style

    Gherkin 186 43 Built by @Hissin @allustin @alehinsasha @gitter-badger @skyksandr
  8. BUILD is an open-source, cloud-based and social platform that enables users, even those with no UI development knowledge, to easily create fully interactive prototypes with realistic data, share them with colleagues and consolidate this feedback without writing a line of code.

    Gherkin 172 92 Built by @devinea @DavidJones02 @cgrail @ranjithabalaraman @jlongie
  9. Manage Advanced Custom Fields groups in WP-CLI

    Gherkin 156 25 Built by @sebastiaandegeus @marceldillen @robert388 @FrankLadage @jmslbam
  10. An unopinionated Jekyll plugin for generating and using responsive images

    Gherkin 129 17 Built by @wildlyinaccurate @jericbryledy @k-funk @narthur @padenot
  11. Ript provides a clean Ruby DSL for describing firewall rules, and implements database migrations-like functionality for applying the rules

    Gherkin 115 11 Built by @auxesis @elmobp @damncabbage @johnf @davidmckenzie
  12. A nice mix of great BDD ingredients

    Gherkin 110 31 Built by @skoczen @medwards @beanqueen @akaihola @santagada
  13. Behavior specification for Gavel, validator of HTTP transactions

    Gherkin 91 7 Built by @netmilk @honzajavorek @zzen @kuba-kubula @marcelogo
  14. Collection of handy functions for Emacs ruby-mode

    Gherkin 86 6 Built by @rejeep @kyrylo @dotemacs @yasuyk @sshaw
  15. 📈 A @middleman plugin to handle generating your Google Analytics tracking code.

    Gherkin 84 17 Built by @danielbayerlein @MrJoy @ngs @kpricorn @tmaier
  16. An OpenVPN iOS Configuration Profile (.mobileconfig) Utility—Configures OpenVPN for use with VPN-on-Demand that are not exposed through the Apple Configurator or the iPhone Configuration Utility.

    Gherkin 83 12 Built by @iphoting
  17. Lets you split your ssh_config into separate files

    Gherkin 74 5 Built by @awendt @jayed @yagooar
  18. Plugin to support cucumber-jvm in Gradle builds

    Gherkin 72 41 Built by @viphe @samueltbrown @olliefreeman @SixRQ @tomdcc
  19. Sprockets support for Middleman

    Gherkin 61 52 Built by @tdreyno @stevenosloan @bhollis @alem0lars @karlfreeman
  20. Set of matchers and helpers to allow you test your APIs responses like a pro.

    Gherkin 50 9 Built by @waterlink @esjee @JanStevens @graemeboyd @shamil614
  21. A Moodle block that provides selective, bulk emailing within courses

    Gherkin 37 50 Built by @philcali @rrusso @jpeak5 @elliott2081 @adamzap
  22. Post importer from Ghost backup files.

    Gherkin 32 2 Built by @eloyesp @femnad @Kikobeats
  23. Example of Gradle Running Cucumber Features in Parallel

    Gherkin 28 14 Built by @camiloribeiro
  24. Doctests from YARD examples

    Gherkin 28 6 Built by @p0deje @quartzmo @JeanMertz
  25. PHP Library based on Guzzle to consume API

    Gherkin 28 9 Built by @hpatoio @localheinz @ewaltman @bitdeli-chef @dereckson
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