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  1. The SDKMAN! Command Line Interface

    Gherkin 1,566 223 Built by @marc0der @dsyer @felipefzdz @pledbrook @pbassiner
  2. Generic, high-level Git workflow support!

    Gherkin 1,413 49 Built by @kevgo @charlierudolph @allewun @ricmatsui @redouglas
  3. jekyll extensions for the blogging scholar

    Gherkin 464 57 Built by @inukshuk @IgnoredAmbience @elotroalex @hendrikvanantwerpen @mdave
  4. Middleman : Blog Engine Extension

    Gherkin 286 178 Built by @bhollis @tdreyno @rumpuslabs @iwarner @rmm5t
  5. Full-Stack OpenFlow Framework in Ruby

    Gherkin 261 83 Built by @yasuhito @nickkaranatsios @sugyo @chibacchie @kazuyas
  6. Specification of the Cypher property graph query language

    Gherkin 177 38 Built by @Mats-SX @petraselmer @boggle @thobe @systay
  7. Manage Advanced Custom Fields groups in WP-CLI

    Gherkin 154 23 Built by @sebastiaandegeus @marceldillen @robert388 @FrankLadage @jmslbam
  8. An unopinionated Jekyll plugin for generating and using responsive images

    Gherkin 120 16 Built by @wildlyinaccurate @jericbryledy @k-funk @narthur @padenot
  9. Ript provides a clean Ruby DSL for describing firewall rules, and implements database migrations-like functionality for applying the rules

    Gherkin 115 11 Built by @auxesis @elmobp @damncabbage @johnf @gergnz
  10. Behavior specification for Gavel, validator of HTTP transactions

    Gherkin 88 7 Built by @netmilk @honzajavorek @zzen @kuba-kubula @marcelogo
  11. 📈 A @middleman plugin to handle generating your Google Analytics tracking code.

    Gherkin 84 17 Built by @danielbayerlein @MrJoy @ngs @kpricorn @tmaier
  12. An OpenVPN iOS Configuration Profile (.mobileconfig) Utility—Configures OpenVPN for use with VPN-on-Demand that are not exposed through the Apple Configurator or the iPhone Configuration Utility.

    Gherkin 74 11 Built by @iphoting
  13. A Moodle block that provides selective, bulk emailing within courses

    Gherkin 37 49 Built by @philcali @rrusso @jpeak5 @elliott2081 @adamzap
  14. Example of Gradle Running Cucumber Features in Parallel

    Gherkin 28 11 Built by @camiloribeiro
  15. PHP Library based on Guzzle to consume API

    Gherkin 28 9 Built by @hpatoio @localheinz @ewaltman @bitdeli-chef @dereckson
  16. Doctests from YARD examples

    Gherkin 27 6 Built by @p0deje @quartzmo @JeanMertz
  17. 📻 Allows to declare own services inside Behat container without writing an extension.

    Gherkin 21 3 Built by @pamil @lchrusciel @Zales0123
  18. Smoke tests for GOV.UK

    Gherkin 17 3 Built by @samjsharpe @alexmuller @bradwright @jabley @alext
  19. Lints gherkin files

    Gherkin 14 4 Built by @lindt @cberizko
  20. cucumber syntax and snippets for Visual Studio Code

    Gherkin 14 3 Built by @stevejpurves @gferreri @JVimes
  21. DiceBag is a library of rake tasks for configuring web apps in the style of The Twelve-Factor App.

    Gherkin 13 4 Built by @jcarres-mdsol @asmith-mdsol @mathieujobin @abhitrivedi @harryw
  22. Tests behavior of WordPress Core upstreams for Pantheon. Also within test suites of contrib plugins

    Gherkin 12 2 Built by @danielbachhuber @stevector @greg-1-anderson
  23. 📎 Allows to overwrite suites' default settings.

    Gherkin 12 2 Built by @pamil @lchrusciel
  24. A CSL Cite Processor API

    Gherkin 12 3 Built by @inukshuk @iCreateJB @lightman76 @amattsmith
  25. Generates the Devise acceptance tests.

    Gherkin 12 Built by @andrii
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