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  1. Distributed Application Starter: Vue front-end, Ethereum / IPFS Backend

    JavaScript 639 27 Built by @10thfloor @donpdonp @fredrb 475 stars today
  2. πŸ•Έ Almost complete answers to "Front-end Job Interview Questions" which you can use to interview potential candidates, test yourself or completely ignore

    JavaScript 6,999 506 Built by @yangshun @tuhbm @ysm0622 @HaitianLiu @devJang 372 stars today
  3. πŸ“Έ Polaroid for your code

    JavaScript 1,941 15 Built by @octref @rebornix 379 stars today
  4. A React environment for cross platform native desktop apps

    JavaScript 1,398 26 Built by @kusti8 @RicheyRyan @palaniraja 322 stars today
  5. Generate Isometric views from Artboards and Rectangles in Sketch app.

    JavaScript 516 14 Built by @sureskumar 198 stars today
  6. A JavaScript API for drawing unconventional text effects on the web.

    JavaScript 1,293 39 Built by @bradley @ManuelVargas1251 172 stars today
  7. A beautiful, responsive, highly customizable and accessible (WAI-ARIA) replacement for JavaScript's popup boxes. Zero dependencies.

    JavaScript 5,675 721 Built by @limonte @t4t5 @zenflow @toverux @birjolaxew 135 stars today
  8. πŸ’― Algorithms study materials, behavioral content and tips for rocking your coding interview

    JavaScript 18,302 1,888 Built by @yangshun @louietyj @alexprut @jorgegonzalez @polizz 128 stars today
  9. Standalone parallax scrolling for mobile and desktop with CSS variables.

    JavaScript 710 26 Built by @electerious 129 stars today
  10. A JavaScript NES emulator.

    JavaScript 3,334 465 Built by @bfirsh @dependabot-bot @workhorsy @isharacomix @BenShelton 122 stars today
  11. Phaser is a fun, free and fast 2D game framework for making HTML5 games for desktop and mobile web browsers, supporting Canvas and WebGL rendering.

    JavaScript 18,873 5,118 Built by @photonstorm @pavle-goloskokovic @bitnenfer @mikewesthad @pnstickne 111 stars today
  12. πŸ–– A progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web.

    JavaScript 84,178 12,335 Built by @yyx990803 @Hanks10100 @defcc @kazupon @HerringtonDarkholme 102 stars today
  13. This web extension adds back "View Image" button to Google Image Search results.

    JavaScript 478 36 Built by @devunt @AHOHNMYC @Almo7aya @filips123 @FrankKair 99 stars today
  14. NativeScript with the ease of Vue

    JavaScript 1,709 85 Built by @rigor789 @EddyVerbruggen @tralves @tjvantoll @vakrilov 85 stars today
  15. 🎨 Create and share beautiful images of your source code

    JavaScript 7,017 291 Built by @mfix22 @jakedex @briandennis @andrewda @yeskunall 80 stars today
  16. A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

    JavaScript 88,677 16,790 Built by @zpao @sophiebits @gaearon @sebmarkbage @jimfb 70 stars today
  17. Toolkit for building scalable web applications with React, Redux and React-router

    JavaScript 2,397 119 Built by @supnate @joway @nelreina @radarhere @mwcbrent 65 stars today
  18. Create React apps with no build configuration.

    JavaScript 43,527 8,376 Built by @gaearon @Timer @fson @vjeux @viankakrisna 51 stars today
  19. JavaScript Style Guide

    JavaScript 66,579 12,739 Built by @ljharb @hshoff @justjake @lencioni @goatslacker 53 stars today
  20. Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js

    JavaScript 36,368 2,532 Built by @mzabriskie @nickuraltsev @rubennorte @emilyemorehouse @idan 55 stars today
  21. Prettier is an opinionated code formatter.

    JavaScript 21,528 952 Built by @vjeux @azz @jlongster @ikatyang @lydell 53 stars today
  22. Free Modern URL Shortener.

    JavaScript 684 47 Built by @poeti8 @ebauman @humanoid @MKRhere @Shnibl 53 stars today
  23. Headless Chrome Node API

    JavaScript 26,693 1,768 Built by @aslushnikov @JoelEinbinder @ebidel @pavelfeldman @vsemozhetbyt 47 stars today
  24. Curated collection of useful Javascript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less.

    JavaScript 17,580 1,702 Built by @Chalarangelo @30secondsofcode @fejes713 @Pl4gue @kingdavidmartins 50 stars today
  25. πŸ“š Awesome cheatsheets for popular programming languages, frameworks and development tools. They include everything you should know in one single file.

    JavaScript 3,828 334 Built by @LeCoupa @ss18 @cristijora @kobus1998 @lucifer069 48 stars today
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