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  1. Package to optimize your site automatically which results on a 35%+ optimization

    PHP 544 62 Built by @renatomarinho @joaorobertopb @vinkla @saifulwebid @kenzouno1 84 stars today
  2. A PHP Framework For Web Artisans

    PHP 35,698 11,734 Built by @taylorotwell @daylerees @franzliedke @GrahamCampbell @jasonlewis 28 stars today
  3. use swoole easily just like echo "hello world";

    PHP 406 84 Built by @kiss291323003 @xuhaoxian 22 stars today
  4. Simple package to see all current configurations being used by your Laravel application

    PHP 30 9 Built by @marabesi @gabriel-caruso @sergiors 17 stars today
  5. Laravel 5 package bootstraper.

    PHP 123 7 Built by @ConsoleTVs @m1guelpf @24aitor 17 stars today
  6. eCommerce PHP framework built on top of Symfony with component-based architecture and format-agnostic rendering. (HTML/JSON/XML)

    PHP 3,602 1,240 Built by @pjedrzejewski @pamil @Zales0123 @michalmarcinkowski @lchrusciel 17 stars today
  7. Voyager - The Missing Laravel Admin

    PHP 4,599 971 Built by @marktopper @tnylea @akazorg @Frondor @fletch3555 15 stars today
  8. Generate code coverage reports on a live server

    PHP 55 Built by @matthiasnoback 16 stars today
  9. PHP 8,264 4,795 Built by @taylorotwell @GrahamCampbell @themsaid @lucasmichot @JosephSilber 12 stars today
  10. SecLists is the security tester's companion. It is a collection of multiple types of lists used during security assessments. List types include usernames, passwords, URLs, sensitive data grep strings, fuzzing payloads, and many more.

    PHP 7,675 3,007 Built by @danielmiessler @jhaddix @shipcod3 @mcjon3z @g0tmi1k 13 stars today
  11. WordPress, Git-ified. Synced via SVN every 15 minutes, including branches and tags! This repository is just a mirror of the WordPress subversion repository. Please do not send pull requests. Submit patches to instead.

    PHP 9,944 5,633 Built by @nacin @staylor @SergeyBiryukov @DrewAPicture @ocean90 10 stars today
  12. sample code for several design patterns in PHP

    PHP 13,469 2,868 Built by @domnikl @piotrgradzinski @NikitaStrelkov @tonicospinelli @leonampd 12 stars today
  13. Modern, Crazy Fast, Ridiculously Easy and Amazingly Powerful Flat-File CMS

    PHP 7,831 725 Built by @rhukster @flaviocopes @mahagr @w00fz @Gertt 13 stars today
  14. The Symfony PHP framework

    PHP 15,395 5,759 Built by @fabpot @nicolas-grekas @webmozart @xabbuh @Tobion 12 stars today
  15. Yii 2: The Fast, Secure and Professional PHP Framework

    PHP 10,952 5,996 Built by @qiangxue @samdark @cebe @klimov-paul @SilverFire 10 stars today
  16. A framework agnostic PHP library to build chat bots

    PHP 2,904 288 Built by @mpociot @christophrumpel @SergiX44 @ngfw @yuyaun 11 stars today
  17. PHP_CodeSniffer tokenizes PHP, JavaScript and CSS files and detects violations of a defined set of coding standards.

    PHP 4,014 812 Built by @gsherwood @jrfnl @klausi @photodude @andygrunwald 11 stars today
  18. 🚨Collision is an error handler framework for console/command-line PHP applications.

    PHP 237 11 Built by @nunomaduro @joaorobertopb @barryvdh @villfa @freekmurze 11 stars today
  19. Guzzle, an extensible PHP HTTP client

    PHP 10,057 1,546 Built by @mtdowling @sagikazarmark @GrahamCampbell @jeremeamia @hobodave 10 stars today
  20. An asynchronous event driven PHP framework for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Supports HTTP, Websocket, SSL and other custom protocols. Supports libevent, HHVM, ReactPHP.

    PHP 5,214 1,516 Built by @walkor @passwalls @ares333 @upliu @victorruan 9 stars today
  21. An AutoMapper for PHP

    PHP 78 6 Built by @mark-gerarts @samrap 10 stars today
  22. High-level cryptography interface powered by libsodium

    PHP 621 38 Built by @paragonie-scott @paragonie-security @prisis @tittlejonathan @clayfreeman 10 stars today
  23. Laravel IDE Helper

    PHP 5,481 625 Built by @barryvdh @ellisio @claar @zedentox @hailwood 9 stars today
  24. The most awesome validation engine ever created for PHP

    PHP 4,187 660 Built by @henriquemoody @alganet @nickl- @ramaciotti @augustohp 8 stars today
  25. Faker is a PHP library that generates fake data for you

    PHP 11,845 1,812 Built by @fzaninotto @Newman101 @igorsantos07 @YerlenZhubangaliyev @okj579 6 stars today
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