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  1. A PHP framework for web artisans

    PHP 39,965 12,627 Built by @taylorotwell @daylerees @franzliedke @GrahamCampbell @jasonlewis 107 stars today
  2. Assertions to validate method input/output with nice error messages.

    PHP 1,926 38 Built by @webmozart @Nyholm @JustBlackBird @marcosh @Zales0123 56 stars today
  3. Dependency Manager for PHP

    PHP 12,652 5,017 Built by @Seldaek @naderman @alcohol @igorw @curry684 55 stars today
  4. Give thanks (in the form of a CodeGayHub ★) to your fellow PHP package maintainers (not limited to Symfony components)!

    PHP 2,258 18 Built by @nicolas-grekas @fabpot @weaverryan @localheinz @lyrixx 50 stars today
  5. The PHP Unit Testing framework.

    PHP 8,420 1,549 Built by @sebastianbergmann @whatthejeff @edorian @localheinz @mlively 49 stars today
  6. The HttpFoundation component defines an object-oriented layer for the HTTP specification.

    PHP 2,061 164 Built by @fabpot @nicolas-grekas @Tobion @xabbuh @Seldaek 49 stars today
  7. The Process component executes commands in sub-processes.

    PHP 1,884 56 Built by @fabpot @nicolas-grekas @romainneutron @Seldaek @xabbuh 49 stars today
  8. The EventDispatcher component provides tools that allow your application components to communicate with each other by dispatching events and listening to them.

    PHP 1,871 33 Built by @fabpot @nicolas-grekas @xabbuh @Seldaek @Tobion 49 stars today
  9. The Routing component maps an HTTP request to a set of configuration variables.

    PHP 1,789 51 Built by @fabpot @nicolas-grekas @Tobion @xabbuh @Seldaek 49 stars today
  10. The HttpKernel component provides a structured process for converting a Request into a Response.

    PHP 1,786 40 Built by @fabpot @nicolas-grekas @vicb @xabbuh @Tobion 49 stars today
  11. PHP 10,442 5,166 Built by @taylorotwell @GrahamCampbell @themsaid @lucasmichot @JosephSilber 46 stars today
  12. The Console component eases the creation of beautiful and testable command line interfaces.

    PHP 2,209 129 Built by @fabpot @nicolas-grekas @chalasr @xabbuh @Tobion 48 stars today
  13. The Debug component provides tools to ease debugging PHP code.

    PHP 1,772 20 Built by @fabpot @nicolas-grekas @xabbuh @Tobion @lyrixx 48 stars today
  14. The Translation component provides tools to internationalize your application.

    PHP 1,636 31 Built by @fabpot @nicolas-grekas @aitboudad @xabbuh @Tobion 48 stars today
  15. PHP 1,744 59 Built by @mvriel @boenrobot @ashnazg @TomasVotruba @jaapio 47 stars today
  16. PHP 1,580 8 Built by @ashnazg @jaapio @mvriel @GrahamCampbell @jdufresne 46 stars today
  17. A PSR-5 based resolver of Class names, Types and Structural Element Names

    PHP 1,638 17 Built by @ashnazg @mvriel @TomasVotruba @asgrim @jaapio 45 stars today
  18. FilterIterator implementation that filters files based on a list of suffixes, prefixes, and other exclusion criteria.

    PHP 1,599 26 Built by @sebastianbergmann @claylo @fabpot @kamazee @j-d 43 stars today
  19. Highly opinionated mocking framework for PHP 5.3+

    PHP 2,542 161 Built by @everzet @stof @ciaranmcnulty @prolic @whatthejeff 43 stars today
  20. Mock Object library for PHPUnit

    PHP 1,697 147 Built by @sebastianbergmann @whatthejeff @edorian @claylo @MarioBlazek 43 stars today
  21. Sends your logs to files, sockets, inboxes, databases and various web services

    PHP 8,529 1,284 Built by @Seldaek @stof @msabramo @pomaxa @hkdobrev 41 stars today
  22. Faker is a PHP library that generates fake data for you

    PHP 13,952 1,956 Built by @fzaninotto @Newman101 @igorsantos07 @YerlenZhubangaliyev @okj579 40 stars today
  23. A simple PHP API extension for DateTime.

    PHP 7,607 884 Built by @briannesbitt @lucasmichot @kylekatarnls @GrahamCampbell @Glavic 40 stars today
  24. Comprehensive mailing tools for PHP

    PHP 3,689 645 Built by @fabpot @d11wtq @xdecock @sstok @Rotzbua 40 stars today
  25. Formerly rhumsaa/uuid. A PHP 5.4+ library for generating RFC 4122 version 1, 3, 4, and 5 universally unique identifiers (UUID).

    PHP 4,276 231 Built by @ramsey @jmauerhan @marijn @mjrider @localheinz 38 stars today
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