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  1. A neural network that transforms a screenshot into a static website

    Jupyter Notebook 6,594 515 Built by @emilwallner 6,476 stars this week
  2. 🍞📝 Markdown WYSIWYG Editor. GFM Markdown + Chart & UML Extensions.

    JavaScript 3,974 143 Built by @shiren @junghwan-park @kyuwoo-choi @extremeFE @flyskyne 3,374 stars this week
  3. Nintendo Switch Emulator

    C++ 2,922 123 Built by @bunnei @yuriks @lioncash @Subv @neobrain 2,884 stars this week
  4. Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2018

    34,977 4,678 Built by @kamranahmedse @lex111 @gvwilson @HashemKhalifa @jbaron-mx 2,584 stars this week
  5. A very intelligent browser based Webpack dashboard

    JavaScript 2,244 66 Built by @zouhir @lukeed @m4r1vs @Pickra @phra 2,222 stars this week
  6. A blazing fast React alternative, compatible with IE8 and React 16.

    JavaScript 2,261 55 Built by @yuche @luckyadam @dawsbot @abdullah @Sebring 1,979 stars this week
  7. 170+ Algorithm & Data Structure Problems using C++

    C++ 1,685 217 Built by @mandliya @Jyun-Neng @ss18 @aratic 1,488 stars this week
  8. Next.js-like framework for server-rendered React apps built with React Router 4

    JavaScript 1,392 33 Built by @jaredpalmer @pronevich @RxAssim @dielduarte @kgoggin 1,373 stars this week
  9. python 微信《跳一跳》辅助

    Python 12,448 4,370 Built by @binderclip @wangshub @F-loat @MrLevo520 @chenjiandongx 1,148 stars this week
  10. 🏗️ Run a module in a Web Worker.

    JavaScript 1,777 20 Built by @developit @danielbayerlein @RichieAHB @amine-benselim 1,319 stars this week
  11. Webpage tracking only using CSS (and no JS)

    CSS 1,283 43 Built by @jbtronics @jeyroik @vhag @andrewducker @jwilk 1,217 stars this week
  12. This repository contains several applications, demonstrating the Meltdown bug.

    C 3,051 290 Built by @misc0110 @paboldin @dgruss @mlq @raphaelsc 1,168 stars this week
  13. 📦🚀 Blazing fast, zero configuration web application bundler

    JavaScript 16,619 568 Built by @devongovett @DeMoorJasper @thejameskyle @brandon93s @fathyb 1,214 stars this week
  14. 🖖 A progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web.

    JavaScript 80,338 11,846 Built by @yyx990803 @Hanks10100 @defcc @kazupon @HerringtonDarkholme 1,090 stars this week
  15. Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree

    C++ 25,671 14,979 Built by @laanwj @sipa @gavinandresen @MarcoFalke @TheBlueMatt 956 stars this week
  16. Computation using data flow graphs for scalable machine learning

    C++ 86,112 41,984 Built by @tensorflower-gardener @caisq @vrv @benoitsteiner @gunan 929 stars this week
  17. Run your web apps with the ease of git repos. Build reusable microservices and functions.

    TypeScript 1,248 40 Built by @crufter @Dobika @vvik91 @davidcsikai94 @drace12 1,092 stars this week
  18. A simple RPC framework with protobuf service definitions

    Go 1,117 21 Built by @spenczar @hyandell @jadametz 1,068 stars this week
  19. 答题辅助决策:冲顶大会等答题类游戏

    Python 1,168 300 Built by @Skyexu @Assey2018 @hh23485 @alfredcc 926 stars this week
  20. A micro web server so fast, it'll make you dance! 👯

    JavaScript 971 23 Built by @lukeed 968 stars this week
  21. Haskell 1,003 20 Built by @kustosz @wdanilo @piotrMocz @ljkania @mikusp 960 stars this week
  22. Headless Chrome Node API

    JavaScript 23,683 1,422 Built by @aslushnikov @JoelEinbinder @ebidel @pavelfeldman @vsemozhetbyt 898 stars this week
  23. A powerful, interactive charting and visualization library for browser

    JavaScript 24,111 7,091 Built by @pissang @100pah @kener @Ovilia @loutongbing 879 stars this week
  24. This repository contains code examples for the Stanford's course: TensorFlow for Deep Learning Research.

    Python 4,706 2,080 Built by @chiphuyen 828 stars this week
  25. Curated collection of blockchain & cryptocurrency resources.

    1,826 173 Built by @alexanderisora @coinpride @cherrywins @surfer77 @askeluv 855 stars this week
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