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Front End Interview Handbook

What is this?

Unlike typical software engineer job interviews, front-end job interviews have less emphasis on algorithms and have more questions on intricate knowledge and expertise about the domain — HTML, CSS, JavaScript, just to name a few areas.

While there are some existing resources to help front end developers in preparing for interviews, they aren't as abundant as materials for a software engineer interview. Among the existing resources, probably the most helpful question bank would be Front-end Developer Interview Questions. Unfortunately, I couldn't find many complete and satisfactory answers for these questions online, hence here is my attempt at answering them. Being an open source repository, the project can live on with the support of the community as the state of web evolves.

Looking for Generic Interview Preparation?

You might be interested in the Tech Interview Handbook which has helpful content on general coding interviews such as algorithms, behavioral questions and an interview cheatsheet!

Table of Contents

  1. HTML Questions
  2. CSS Questions
  3. JavaScript Questions


If you are interested in how data structures are implemented, check out Lago, a Data Structures and Algorithms library for JavaScript. It is pretty much still WIP but I intend to make it into a library that is able to be used in production and also a reference resource for revising Data Structures and Algorithms.


Feel free to make pull requests to correct any mistakes in the answers or suggest new questions.